PODCAST: The Baseball MPM Podcast with Cain and Casey Episode #6: Exit Your Comfort Zone

by Brian Cain, MPM

In episode #6 of Coffee with Cain and Casey, Brian Cain, creator of the Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) Coaches Certification and one of the World’s most sought after MPM Coaches is joined by Eric Byrnes as a pinch hitter in place of Sean “The Mayor” Casey for this episode.

Eric Byrnes is a former Major League Baseball Player with over a decade of service in the big leagues.  Since his retirement from baseball he has been an analyst with the MLB Network and continually challenged himself to exit his comfort zone.  Byrnes has completed multiple 100mile runs, a triathlon across America and set the world record for speed golf and completed 245 holes in 12 hours.

In this podcast we dive into the importance of challenging yourself, exiting your comfort zone and the key aspects of Byrnes daily routines that keep him sharp, in shape and at the forefront of the relentless energy movement.

Other key aspects of our call are:

  • The importance of consistency
  • Establishing a routine – what’s now, what’s next
  • You Can’t Force It, If You Need To Stumble Forward, Stumble Forward
  • The importance of accountability partners and team
  • The critical importance of taking massive action and just doing it
  • The mindset that today is going to be a great day
  • How to make brushing your teeth – An exercise to get present
  • How Byrnes uses Coffee, Reflexology Board, The Quote of The Day
  • Why it’s massively important to get outside – Sweat Before Screens
  • Why to Check Your Calendar The Night Before
  • The importance of keeping a Capture List and a detailed Calendar
  • Time is our most precious resource, how to use it properly
  • Why we want to have a routine and be really good at adapting and adjusting
  • We are constantly creating the energy in the energy cycle
  • The More Energy You Give -> The More Energy You Get
  • Concepts must be scientifically grounded – Stands up to the reality 
  • You Become The Average of the 5 People You Hang Out With
  • The Importance of Dopamine Jumps

You can engage with Brian Cain (@BrianCainPeak) and Sean Casey (@themayorsofficemlb) on Instagram and Twitter.  

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