Physical Training Alone Isn’t Enough To Reach Your True Potential & Consistently Perform Your Best.

Take your game to the next level using the exact system that the world’s top competitors trust to produce results.

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If any of the following describe you…

  • You’re an athlete who’s tired of working your butt off in practice, in the weight room, and in your conditioning… only to still struggle to perform up to your TRUE potential when it really matters…
  • You “try” to be more mentally tough… but it doesn’t feel like you’re getting anywhere, and you’re starting to think you just “don’t have what it takes”…
  • You know you can perform at a higher level than you currently are, but you’re not sure what’s missing…
  • You want to discover the mindset secrets the world’s top athletes use to perform at an elite level — and learn exactly how you can use these same methods to take your performance to the next level…
  • You’re a coach/parent who’s tired of seeing your athlete(s) fall short of their potential because they lack confidence or mental toughness… and you’re looking for a step-by-step program they can use to master the mental game…

… you are in exactly the right place.

I’m Brian Cain, Mental Performance Coach and Creator of the 10 Pillars of Mental Performance Mastery Training System

I’ve had the privilege to invest the last two decades advising and coaching some of the most elite competitors on the planet.

Some of my clients include:

  • Coaches, athletes, and teams in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and PGA.
  • x8 UFC World Champions
  • x4 MLB Cy Young Award Winners
  • a Heisman Trophy Winner
  • an NFL Rookie of The Year
  • Athletic Departments Like: The University of Alabama, Auburn University, Florida State University, The University of Oregon, and Yale University (to name a few).
  • Over 1000+ Professional Draft Selections
  • Olympic Medalists

During that time I’ve had behind the scenes access that’s allowed me to uncover the “secrets” that make them great.

I’ve discovered that all of these elite athletes actually have a lot in common; it gives them an unfair advantage against the competition.

Don’t Just Take It From Me…

Hear What Athletes Are Saying

The Secret?

They understand that mental performance is the missing link.

It’s mental performance that’s responsible for developing the mental toughness to STEP UP when the game is on the line.

It’s mental performance that’s responsible for developing the habits and routines needed for performance consistency, day after day, game after game.

And it’s mental performance that holds the key to unlocking unshakeable confidence so that you can withstand the ups and downs of competition and TRULY reach your full potential.

And this is true at the high school, college, and even professional level of sports. Every time.

As you know, when it comes to improving athletic performance, there are many areas you can focus on:

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Sport-specific skills/technique
  • Nutrition

All important, but none of them will make up for a lack of mental preparation and skill. 

Mental resilience has never been more important than it is today, especially in athletics.

The majority of athletes will tell you that their sport is 90% mental, but they train their “mental game” less than 10% of the time.

I ask this question every time I’m on stage and the answer is always the same.

Why is such a crucial component of their training being overlooked?

Reason #1: Most people are stuck in a “fixed” mindset.

They believe that mental skills like confidence, self-awareness, focus, etc. are attributes someone either has or they don’t.

So if someone struggles with any of these mental skills, they just assume “that’s just how they are”, and there’s nothing that can be done about it.

Reason #2: they simply don’t know how to TRAIN mindset in a structured, consistent way, so they fail to address it.

So they spend all their time focusing on the physical side of performance, thinking that’s all they can truly impact — hoping that will be enough.

Hear What Athletes Are Saying

Mental performance is a skill set you can train and develop just like any fundamental skill

It’s true:

Just like you can train your body to develop the proper technique to dribble a basketball or throw a pitch, you can train your mind to become more focused, resilient, and confident.

But it won’t happen by accident. You have to train your mind intentionally —  with consistency, structure — and proven methods for success.

Some of the mental skills you need to be successful include:

  • An elite mindset. As you learn to grow and train your mindset, you will finally be able to blast through mental barriers that have held you back for so long.
  • Motivation and commitment. When adversity comes knocking (as it always does), will you push through… or fold? You can develop the “staying power” needed to remain strong and focused when things get hard.
  • Keeping the process over the outcome. There are a thousand-and-one things you can’t control. Incredible power is found in being able to identify what you CAN control and directing your energy and focus there.
  • Self-control and discipline. Being able to identify and consistently do the things that will have the greatest impact on reaching your big goals.
  • Confidence. Learning how to create unshakeable belief in yourself and your ability so you can perform consistently under pressure and navigate adversity.
  • Focus and Self-awareness. Being able to recognize challenges before they happen, and develop the self-regulation to get back on track when things pull you off track.
  • Routines and Habits of excellence. Elite performance is the product of having go-to strategies and methods you use as part of pre/during/post competition routines.

These mental performance skills — and others like them — are what I’ve been helping athletes develop for nearly two decades.

And it never fails: As they begin to master the “mental game”, their confidence GROWS…

Their mental performance skill set propels them to new heights as they become an unstoppable force

…. And they finally start performing up to their TRUE potential — consistently and reliably.

That athlete who used to perform well in practice… but fall apart when the lights of competition come on? They learned how to leverage a few very specific, proven strategies to “turn off” stress and anxiety before a competition so they can go out and dominate.

The athlete who used to let one bad play or one bad game send them spiraling into an inescapable “slump?” They’ve learned how to quickly overcome these challenges, refocus on what they can control, and get back to peak performance in a matter of seconds.

THAT’S the kind of difference mental performance training can have. And those are just two small examples.

Thousands of other elite athletes are already experiencing the benefits mastery the mental side of performance.

Now it’s YOUR turn.

I have taken everything I’ve learned over the last 20+ years, advising the most elite competitors on the planet, and distilled it down into a group of fundamental, trainable mental skills that make up what I call The 10 Pillars of Mental Performance Mastery.

The System

PILLAR #1 – Elite Mindset

Without the right mindset, you will continue to struggle with doubt, thinking you “just don’t have the mental toughness” needed to reach your full potential.  As you develop an elite mindset, you will start to see setbacks — things you used to think of as “failure” — as an opportunity for growth, and that makes a HUGE difference.  As you learn to grow and train your mindset, you will finally be able to blast through mental barriers that have held you back and realize your true potential.

PILLAR #2 – Motivation and Commitment

No one is able to reach big goals or max out their potential without high levels of motivation and commitment — this is something we know.  When adversity comes knocking — as it always does — the level of motivation and commitment one has will largely determine whether they push through and stick with it, or whether they give up.  By developing the SKILL of motivation and commitment, you can develop the grit needed to stick with it even when things get hard and you don’t feel like it.

PILLAR #3 – Focus and Awareness

Distractions, negative self-talk, and letting mistakes get to you are a sure way to derail performance.  Athletes who succeed don’t do so because they somehow evade trials and challenges.  They succeed because they develop a SKILL SET that allows them to overcome the challenges and trials they face — and focus and awareness is a crucial component of helping you do that.  With practice, you CAN display a highly trained level of present moment focus and self-awareness so you can block out distractions, navigate adversity, and perform consistently at your best and shine your brightest when it means the most.

PILLAR #4 – Self-Control and Discipline

Elite performance requires hard work and dedication.  There’s no way around that.  Similarly, the pressures of competition are demanding — mentally, physically, and emotionally.  When you begin to intentionally and consistently train self-control and discipline, you will notice that you are better able to:

  • Refocus when facing the inevitable obstacles (have a bad game, battling nerves before a big game, negative comments/expectations of parents, etc.)
  • Calmly evaluate different challenging scenarios and make the most effective decisions. As the self-control and discipline “muscles” strengthen, expect to be able to make objective decisions under pressure, rather than being run by emotion.
  • Embrace the process — good and bad — as an opportunity for growth.

PILLAR #5 – Process Over Outcome

As an athlete, one of the biggest battles you face is this: finding the energy and initiative to do the day-to-day, mundane tasks necessary to reach your goals, even when you don’t feel like it.  By developing the process over outcome skill set, you can redirect focus to what is within YOUR inner locus of control — and drive the actions needed to achieve the desired outcome.  This allows you to develop an appreciation of focusing on what you can control, letting go of what you can’t, and aiming for daily improvement.

PILLAR #6- Meditation and Mental Imagery

Whether we’re aware of it — or not — the mental images we create and carry around (both positive and negative) have a direct impact on physical and mental performance.  When you begin to train the skill set of mental imagery and meditation, you will notice that you are better able to stay calm under pressure and focus on the present task, rather than getting caught up in the past or future.  You will also increase your confidence through and advanced form of preparation, that you competition doesn’t even know exists.

PILLAR #7 – Routines & Habits of Excellence

After nearly two decades of working with the world’s top coaches and athletes, I can conservatively say that a good 50% of elite performance and goal achievement happens OUTSIDE of work out techniques, fundamentals, or any other physical element.  Consistently performing at a high level requires the ability to modify behavior and develop the structure needed to execute the plan.  High-performers know the power of routine — they know how to build and break habits, and they have a certain amount of structure guiding what they do each day.  Those who fly by the seat of their pants or let their feelings dictate what they will do and don’t do are destined to fall short of their potential.

PILLAR #8 – Time Management & Organization

The more automated and organized one’s day is, the more self-discipline, energy, and focus there is to direct toward the most important things.  There is a direct correlation between one’s time management and their ability to exhibit more willpower and show up for a competition or workout and be at their best.  Every decision made each day is like a “withdrawal” from your bank account.  And on the flip side, every decision put on automation, requiring minimal mental thought or energy is like a deposit.  Effective time management preserves energy and focus for the things that REALLY matter.

PILLAR #9 – Leadership

Elite performance is a team effort.  In order to help your team reach its full potential, you have to work on becoming a more effective leader.  Learning to become a better leader creates the opportunity to take your success — and the success of those around you — to greater heights than ever before.  Many teams will fall short because their leadership is coach fed, your team will succeed because it will be player led… and one of those key players is YOU.

PILLAR #10 – The Right Culture

After working with the world’s top programs — in every sport and at nearly every level — I noticed something: The best of the best do things differently that the rest of the pack.  There is a championship culture within elite performing teams that dictates how they treat each other, how they respond to adversity, and their ability to consistently perform at a high level regardless of sport or level.  As an athlete, it’s your job to establish the right culture personally and work to establish this collectively with your team.

Your Opportunity to Train with Top Coaches

Although I would love to coach everyone, it’s just not possible. Trust me I’ve been trying for 20+ years.

In order to make 1-1 mental performance coaching available to you, I’ve hand selected and personally trained a team of top-tier mental performance coaches.

This elite group of coaches includes: an Olympic medalist, a World Series Champion, two advising professional sports teams, and an NCAA Champion.

Here’s How It Works

A Customized Development Plan

Each new enrollee will complete a proprietary self-assessment questionnaire that provides our team with valuable insights unique to each individual.

Our team then individually scores and reviews each assessment.

This allows us to establish a baseline of where each individual is currently in order to design a development plan specifically to each client’s needs and the goals they want to achieve.

We then use several criterion to carefully pair each client with a coach that best fits their needs and what they are looking to achieve.

Weekly Coaching Calls

Four 30 minutes calls with your mental performance coach every month. Providing you with the clarity, accountability, and support you need to consistently perform your best.

A System That Produces Results

These are the same training methods and system that I’ve used to produce results with my top clients. This is the same system that has produced: a Heisman Trophy winner, x4 Cy Young Award winners, World Series Champions, x8 UFC World Champions, over 1000 professional draft selections, and Olympic medalists.


Personalized Success Checklist

This 1-1 coaching program is specifically designed to provide you with a systematic process, using actionable steps, you need to consistently perform your best over time.

Your coach will help you create your “Success Checklist” and hold you accountable to the habits you need to execute on a daily basis to reach your goals.

Quarterly Reassessment

Every 90 days, our team conducts a reassessment in order to measure progress, recalibrate the coaching plan, and ensure each client is on target to hit their goals.

Reach Your Potential

Many clients find that the clarity, accountability, and support their mental performance coach provides, sets them up for success off the field too. Each of these 10 skills easily translate to success in classroom or wherever they’re applied. Our goal is to build the foundation our clients need to be successful both on and off the field.

Yes, I’m ready to join this exclusive 1:1 mental performance coaching program!

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Is Mental Performance Coaching Right For You?

Just to be clear, this 1-1 coaching program is unlike any other program out there. Our coaches are not here to waste time talking about theory.

This program is about ACTION!

Your coach is going to teach you the tools, strategies, and skills you need to develop your mental performance skill set.

Then guide you to develop the routines and habits you need to consistency perform your best over time.

That said, the program isn’t for everybody.

Here’s how to know if this customized 1-1 mental performance coaching program is right for you.

Mental Performance Coaching Is For You If:

  • You’re an athlete who’s tired of falling short — and you know you have more in you.
    Working hard on the physical side of performance and feeling like you have every amount of talent, skill, and drive to be great… only to struggle with things like confidence or mental toughness can be extremely frustrating. If you are tired of falling short of your potential and you’re ready to break through the barriers and take yourself to another level, then this is the program for you.
  • You’re an athlete who refuses to accept being “average”, and you’re looking for something to help you become ELITE.
    Within some of us is the drive to be great. Here’s what you need to know about mental performance: 1) Most athletes aren’t tapping into this incredibly powerful aspect of performance, and 2) Unless you are intentionally improving YOUR mental performance, you are leaving results on the table. If you truly want to figure out what you’re capable of, and you want to get an edge up on the competition while you’re doing it, mental performance is your answer.
  • You’re committed to taking ACTION.
    To get the most out of this mental performance coaching program, you have to put what you’ve learned into action.
  • You’re the parent or coach of an athlete (or athletes) who’s tired of seeing those you care most about fall short of their potential because they lack confidence or mental toughness…
    Nothing is more gut-wrenching than watching YOUR kid, or the athletes on YOUR team, struggle with lack of confidence and mental toughness while you sit idly on the sidelines, wishing there was some way to help them. Mental performance skills like confidence, mental toughness, focus (and many more), are TRAINABLE skills anyone can develop. And the 1-1 Mental Performance Mastery Coaching Program is exactly what your athlete needs to learn how.

See What Top Athletes Are Saying:

Frequently Asked Questions

“How does it work and what is the length of program?”

The program consists of a weekly 1:1 coaching call with your mental performance coach. Each sessions lasts about 30 minutes and all calls are conducted using Zoom. Each session is recorded and made accessible to you in Google Drive, giving you the ability to revisit any time.

You also have access to your mental performance coach between sessions for added support.

Our team conducts a reassessment with each client every three months to recalibrate the training program in order to stay on target with each clients goals.

The coaching can last as long as you’d like it too.

Our goal is to set you up for consistent, long-term success which is made possible by the clarity, accountability, and support that your mental performance coach provides.

“Will I have the same coach throughout the program?”

Yes, you will have the same coach for each session.

The coach-client relationship is extremely important.

We carefully pair each individual with a coach based on several criteria, including personality.

Our goal is to create a match that gives each client the foundation they need to build consistent success over the long-term.

Although it doesn’t happen often, we are more than happy to accommodate changes in order to provide each client with an optimal match.

“How young is too young?”

Any age is a great age to start!

Our youngest client is 8 years old.

I recently asked permission to make a guest appearance on one of his coaching calls.

I was blow away with the maturity he displayed.

I’m told he is yet to show up late and hasn’t missed a coaching call yet.

“How does scheduling work? What if my schedule is sporadic?”

We use an app called Calendly. It allows easy and efficient scheduling. 

Each client has their respective coach’s scheduling link allowing them to book, cancel, or make changes as needed. 

The majority of all scheduling issues can be resolved with a quick phone call or text to your coach.

“Is this 1:1 mental performance coaching program customized for each person?”


Once registered, you will receive an email providing instructions to start the onboarding process. 

Each new enrollee will complete a self-assessment questionnaire that helps provide our team with valuable insights unique to each individual.

My team and I will then individually score and review each assessment. 

This might be the most important piece of the entire process. 

It allows us to establish a baseline of where each individual is currently and design a development plan specifically to that individual’s needs and the goals they want to achieve.

Each new enrollee is carefully paired with a coach that best fits their needs and what they are looking to achieve.

Once assigned, your coach will reach out to you for a brief introductory phone call. This is a great opportunity to connect with your coach and ask any questions you have before scheduling your first coaching session.

“Is it better to wait until my schedule lightens up to start the 1-1 coaching program?”

Almost all of our clients have busy schedules.

In fact, the majority of our busiest clients have said that they feel better equipped to manage the day-to-day stress and navigate their chaotic schedule because of the clarity, accountability, and support their coach provides.

Yes, I’m ready to start 1:1 Mental Performance Coaching!

Due to the customized nature of this program, enrollment is limited to 30-40 athletes. Once we hit that cap, that’s it. You’ll have to wait until the next open enrollment (likely mid 2023). We decided to limit enrollment to provide our clients with the highest level of service possible and ensure your success with a program design specifically for you.

50% Off Your First Month

Limited Time Offer

Schedule Discovery Call to Learn More!

Please don't wait. Schedule a discovery call now so you can learn how take advantage of this insane offer.

Risk Free, No Obligation

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the coaching or seeing the results that you want, you can cancel the program at any time. There is no obligation or prolonged commitment to completing a certain number of sessions.

Just let our team know, and we can cancel or pause your coaching subscription at any time.