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Hi, I’m Brian Cain

For the past twenty years, I’ve been one of the most sought after speakers in the world. I’ve had the honor of speaking to audiences across the globe including:

  • Teams in the most prestigious athletic departments around the country, including: The University of Alabama, Auburn University, Florida State University, The University of Oregon, and Yale University (to name a few).
  • Industry-leading business, including: Whirlpool, John Paul Mitchell Systems, Fuddruckers, and Burton Snowboards.

I’ve always considered myself a coach—not just another motivational speaker. That’s why everything I do is deeply personal and customized to the objectives of your event.

Whether you’re trying to provide an engaging, high energy experience for 10,000 students in a stadium or your executive team inside the boardroom….

I will deliver cutting-edge strategies along with the actionable steps they need to implement them immediately. 

Hear What Others Are Saying

The 10 Pillars of Mental Performance

I’ve spent the last 20+ years working with some of the top coaches, athletes, executives, and organizations on the planet—testing what worked and what didn’t. These are proven strategies, discovered helping real people transform their lives, that produce results. I took everything I learn and distilled it down into a group of fundamental, trainable skills called The 10 Pillars of Mental Performance Mastery.


PILLAR #1 Elite Mindset: Knowing how to stay positive and push through when things get hard or when you feel like giving up.


PILLAR #2 Motivation and Commitment: Developing a clear vision and focus, both in the short term and long term so you can consistently “show up” with focus and energy.

PILLAR #3 Focus and Awareness: Being able to identify and consistently do the things that will have the greatest impact on reaching your big goals (or the groups’ goals).


PILLAR #4 Self-Control and Discipline: Being able to recognize challenges before they happen, and develop the self-regulation to get back on track when things pull you off track.

PILLAR #5  Process Over Outcome: The process over the outcome approach that gets results

PILLAR #6 Mediation and Mental Imagery: Everything happens twice—first in your mind, then in reality.

PILLAR #7  Routines & Habits of Excellence: Building new, positive habits and breaking old, limiting ones is a skillset anyone can learn—if you understand the physiology and psychology behind it and implement the right strategies.

PILLAR #8 Time Management & Organization: Practical strategies for maximizing time when you’re busy so that you can prioritize tasks based on importance—and accomplish everything you want and need to do each day and have a tangible plan to get stuff done.

PILLAR #9 Leadership: There are a lot of misconceptions about what it takes to be a truly effective leader. We’ll cover simple, practical—and extremely powerful strategies for developing authentic leadership so that you can take your success (or the success of your group) to the next level.

PILLAR #10 The Right Culture: Proven methods for clearly defining your mission and getting everyone on the same page to get more “buy-in” from your faculty, team, or employees.

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