Is Your Team Falling Short of Their Potential Because They Lack the Mental Skills Needed to Perform at an Higher Level?

Does this sound familiar?

  • “No matter what I do or what I say to them, they always play down to the level of their competition.”
  • “If we could just get over the hump and win that big game.”
  • “How do I get my coaching staff to buy-in to the mental game?”
  • “One bad game turns into several games of underperforming.”
  • “How do I get my team, coaching staff, and parents all on the same page so we can build a championship culture?”
  • “It always feels like we’re starting over instead of building on the previous years success.”

Hi, I’m Brian Cain

For the last 20+ years, I’ve had the honor and privilege of coaching many of the top high school, college, and professional programs in the country including:

  • 100’s of high school state champions
  • 50+ NCAA conference and national champions
  • Teams in the NFL, NHL, and MLB
  • Mentored 4 Cy Young Award winners
  • Olympic Medalist
  • World Series champions
  • And over 1000+ players selected in the MLB draft

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How It Works

Assessment: Brian and The Team will brainstorm and evaluate your team, understand your goals, motivations, and what your looking to accomplish. This first step is critical so we can help lay the foundation for your team’s custom development plan.

Custom Development Plan: After the initial assessment, our Team will design a custom mental performance development plan for your program. This will be your step-by-step guide on what your team needs and how to do it.

Hand Selected Coach: Every single one of coaches has been hand selected and personally trained by Brian on his 10 Pillars of Mental Performance Mastery System.

Spaced Repetition:  Consistency is the name of the game. You’ll settle into a coaching routine that fits your team’s schedule and needs. Most often this is done through weekly virtual meetings between your MPM coach  and your staff.

Access to Industry Experts: Your team will get access to Brian’s vast resources and network coaches, experts. No matter the challenge or adversity your team encounters during the season, you’re covered.

Support:  Your team’s development plan will be evaluated several times throughout the year—allowing you and your coach to make in-season adjustments to stay on track.

Due to the Customized Nature of this Program…

Space Is Extremely Limited

The MPM Difference


Whether you need an on-campus visit, virtual coaching calls, or a combination—we’ve got you covered.

A Proven System

Based on 20+ years of on-field experience working with real teams and helping them achieve tangible results.

Don’t Just Take It From Me…

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The 10 Pillars System

Pillar #1 Elite Mindset: Without the right mindset, your team will continue to struggle with doubt, thinking they “just don’t have the mental toughness” needed to reach their full potential.  As you start coaching your clients to have an elite mindset, they will start to see setbacks — things they used to think of as “failure” — as an opportunity for growth, and that makes a HUGE difference in the results they will achieve.  As you learn to grow and train your clients mindset, you will finally be able to help them blast through mental barriers that have held them back and help them realize their true potential.

Pillar #2 Motivation and Commitment: When adversity comes knocking — as it always does — the level of motivation and commitment one has will largely determine whether they push through and stick with it, or whether they give up.  By learning the SKILL of motivation and commitment, you can help your team develop the grit needed to stick with it—even when things get hard and they don’t feel like it.

Pillar #3 Focus and Awareness: Distractions, negative self-talk, and letting mistakes get to you are a sure way to derail performance.  Athletes who succeed don’t do so because they somehow evade trials and challenges.  They succeed because they develop a SKILL SET that allows them to overcome the challenges and trials they face — and coaching focus and awareness is a crucial component of helping them be able to do that.  With your coaching, your clients and athletes will finally be able to display a highly trained level of present moment focus and self-awareness so they can block out distractions, navigate adversity, and perform consistently at their best and shine their brightest when it means the most.

Pillar #4 Self-Control and Discipline: Elite performance requires hard work and dedication.  There’s no way around that.  Similarly, the pressures of competition are demanding — mentally, physically, and emotionally.  When you begin to intentionally and consistently train the skill of self-control and discipline in those you coach, you will notice that they are better able to:

Pillar #5 Process Over Outcome: One of the biggest battles your clients and athletes face is this: finding the energy and initiative to do the day-to-day, mundane tasks necessary to reach their goals, even when they don’t feel like it. By coaching your clients in the process over outcome skill set, you can teach them how to redirect their focus to what is within their inner locus of control — and drive the actions needed to achieve the desired outcome. This allows them to develop an appreciation of focusing on what they can control, letting go of what they can’t, and aiming for daily improvement.

Pillar #6 Meditation and Mental Imagery: Whether we’re aware of it — or not — the mental images our clients and athletes create and carry around (both positive and negative) have a direct impact on their physical and mental performance.  When you begin to coach the skill set of mental imagery and meditation, you will notice that your clients are better able to stay calm under pressure and focus on the present task, rather than getting caught up in the past or future.  You will also increase give them one of the best tools they can use to increase confidence through and advanced form of preparation, that none of your coaching competition is using because they don’t have a simple process.  In the certification course I give you the exact mental imagery and meditation scripts I use and that alone makes this course worth it when you factor in how often you can use those scripts with your clients and athletes.

Pillar #7 Routines and Habits of Excellence: After nearly two decades of working with the world’s top coaches and athletes, I can conservatively say that a good 50% of elite performance and goal achievement happens OUTSIDE of work out techniques, fundamentals, or any other physical element.  Consistently performing at a high level requires the ability to modify behavior and develop the structure needed to execute the plan.  High performing coaches know the power of routine — they know how to build and break habits in their clients and they have a certain amount of structure that they coach their clients on that guide what they do each day when they are away from you.  Those who fly by the seat of their pants or let their feelings dictate what they will do and don’t do are destined to fall short of their potential.

Pillar #8 Time Management and Organization: The more automated and organized one’s day is, the more self-discipline, energy, and focus there is to direct toward the most important things.  There is a direct correlation between one’s time management and their ability to exhibit more willpower and show up for a competition or workout and be at their best.  Every decision made each day is like a “withdrawal” from your bank account.  And on the flip side, every decision put on automation, requiring minimal mental thought or energy is like a deposit.  The best coaches teach effective time management and organizational skills to their clients so that they can preserve energy and focus for the things that REALLY matter.

Pillar #9 Leadership: Elite performance is a team effort.  In order to help those you lead reach their full potential, you have to work on becoming a more effective leader and also teach leadership skills.  Learning to become a better leader creates the opportunity to take your success — and the success of those around you — to greater heights than ever before.  Many coaches will fall short because their leadership skills aren’t intentional or trained, they are just a result of doing what they have seen others do.


Pillar #10 The Right Culture: After working with the world’s top programs and organizations — in every sport and at nearly every level — I noticed something: The best of the best do things differently that the rest of the pack.  There is a championship culture within elite performing teams that dictates how they treat each other, how they respond to adversity, and their ability to consistently perform at a high level regardless of sport or level.  As a mental performance mastery certified coach, you will be able to help your clients and athletes establish the right culture individually and collectively to achieve maximum and legendary success.

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