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3 proven strategies for developing an elite mindset that will instantly give you an (almost) unfair advantage over the competition.

Why just training the physical components of your sport can NOT make up for a poor mindset.

Why focusing too much on the outcome/end goal can actually decrease chances of success.

How you can start valuing consistency and focus on what’s in your control now vs. things out of your control.

How to Become a machine of consistency by establishing the right performance routines and habits of excellence.

Get clarity on WHO you are, WHAT you want—and discover the behaviors you must start and stop to get the results you’ve been lacking.

The evidence is clear:

Physical training alone isn’t enough.

Without training the mental side of performance, you’ll continue to struggle with the same mental barriers that have held you back for so long. Blocking you from reaching your TRUE potential as an athlete.

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Meet Brian Cain.

Over the past 17 years I’ve coached thousands of athletes and consulted with the world’s top-performing teams, coaches, and programs in the NCAA, NBA, UFC, NFL, MLB, and NHL.   My client list includes 2 Major League Baseball Cy-Young Award winners, a Heisman Trophy Winner, 5 UFC World Champion Mixed Martial Artists, World Series and Super Bowl Champions, Olympic Medalists, Team USA Baseball, Team USA Bowling and multiple NCAA National Players of The Year, NCAA National Champions and over 900 professional sports draft selections.  I have had the privilege of working with some of the best athletes on the planet and now it’s my mission to share what I learned with you so that you can master the mental side of performance and start getting the results you’ve been missing.

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