Training Your Mental Health for Elite Performance

by Brian Cain, MPM


In this episode of The Mental Performance Mastery podcast Brian Cain sits down with Lane Johnson 4x NFL Pro-Bowl Selection, Super Bowl Champion, Offensive Tackle and Captain of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Episode Highlights:

  • What sound mental health really is
  • The importance of routines and habits in mental health
  • Alleviating anxiety through taking action
  • The importance of focusing on process over outcome
  • Lane’s daily routines
  • Upgrading your relationship with Anxiety
  • Where confidence really comes from
  • How to use concentration grids to train focus
  • The role of meditation, mental imagery and breathing
  • Faking it till you make it and how to act confident
  • The need to separate who and do
  • Kooth – App For Mental Health

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