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NEW VIDEO: How to Train to Develop an Elite Mindset

Are you watching the Olympics?

You don’t have to watch too many events before you hear a commentator talk about an athlete’s “strong mental game.” 

Olympians train their bodies. 

That’s obvious.

What’s less obvious but equally true is that they also train their minds.

So, how does one develop such an elite mindset?

The same way they train their bodies.

With drills.

No one who is at the top of their field ever thought, “I just don’t have what it takes.”

That is a fixed mindset.

An Elite Mindset says:

“I am not lacking ability, I just have to train more.”

“I didn’t lose. I learned.”

“I can train to build myself up to where I want to be.”

So, if you’re interested in building your own Elite Mindset, then you’re in the right place. Training the mental game is what I do.

Here is how you get to where you want to be:

PODCAST: The Golf MPM Podcast With Cain & Carp – Episode #6 – How Golf Coaches Can Win The Fall Season

In episode #6, How Golf Coaches Can Win The Fall Season, Cain and Carp share ideas on how coaches can maximize the most important fall in the history of college golf coming out of a global pandemic.

In this podcast we breakdown:
How To Approach The Biggest Tournament Of The Year
The Importance of Clarifying & Implementing A Culture
A 3-Step Formula To Reflect Upon Each Round
What Kobe Says About Losing – The Process & Reflection
Our NEW Group Coaching Program Covering the 10 Pillars of Mental Performance Mastery for Golf

PODCAST: How Baseball Coaches Can Win The Mental Game – The Hard 90 with Zach Sorensen

Zach Sorensen is a former Major League Baseball Player with the Cleveland Indians and Los Angeles Angels. The 3x All-American at Wichita State has worked as a mental performance coach with the Texas Rangers and is currently serving in that capacity with the Atlanta Braves. He is also the best selling author of The Hard 90, How To Prepare, Compete and Progress in the Mental Game.

In this 2nd of a 3-part-podcast, Zach shares how baseball coaches can better coach the mental game in their players. You can engage with Zach through his website and check out his book The Hard 90 on Amazon and his podcast The Hard 90.

PODCAST: How MPM Coaches Can Win The Mental Game of Baseball

Zach Sorensen, MPM is a former Major League Baseball Player. The 3x All-American at Wichita State has worked as a mental performance coach with the Texas Rangers and is currently serving in that capacity with the Atlanta Braves.  He is also the best selling author of The Hard 90, How To Prepare, Compete and Progress in the Mental Game. In this 1st episode of a 3-part-podcast series with Zach, he shares how Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) Coaches can produce results in coaching the mental game in their players and staff. 

How to Establish a Winning Culture: The Road to Omaha Part 7 of 7

Coaches must know how to establish a winning culture. Sure, you’ll have leaders on your team. But they will not rise to the occasion accidentally. They will fall to the level of leadership you establish. A winning culture starts with you. And therefore, it must start with your own self-awareness. Are you aware of all the skill sets required of champion coaches? If not, let me remind you in this article about How To Establish A Winning Culture.

The Road to Championships are Paved with Process

We all know the outcome we want. To win. But, do you know the process it takes to reach your outcome? Process Over Outcome. It’s one of the pillars of my Mental Performance Certification Course; perhaps the most important one. A process over outcome mentality is the ability to stay focused on the journey without getting too caught up in the destination. The process is all of the little steps needed to reach your goal: meal prep, practices, strength and conditioning, wins along the way down to winning that pitch. But, getting our athletes to do the day-to-day mundane tasks necessary to reach their goals, even when they don’t feel like it is a challenge. Do you want to know a way to make it less of a challenge?

Welcome To The Team Trake Carpenter

His primary focus is on golf mental performance curriculum development, execution and golf client services.Carpenter comes to BCPP after a historic 2020-2021 season as Head Men’s Golf Coach at the University of Denver. His team captured the 2021 Summit League Conference Championship with 3 players finishing in the top 5 of the tournament.   His program went on to the NCAA Regionals where they went wire-to-wire with nationally ranked Florida the final day, ultimately finishing 6th in the NCAA Cle Elum Regional, the program’s best regional finish ever.

How to Reach Your Goals Faster: The 4 Stages of Buy-In

Did you ever hear about something that made you stop in your tracks? Stop walking. Stop talking. Stop scrolling (if we’re on social media). You think: Wait. What? I never knew that. Say that again. This is the exciting moment where growth begins.  But, growth is uncomfortable. So, we resist. This is where the 4 stages of buy-in begin.

PODCAST: How to Win the 90% of Baseball That Is the Mental Game

Bob Tewksbury is an icon in the field of mental performance in baseball. Largely considered one of the best control pitchers of all time and best mental performance coaches in the sport.  He was a 1992 MLB All-Star and in the last century, no pitcher has a lower ratio of base on balls per innings pitched. “Tewks” had a playing career that spanned from 1986 to 1998 in which he racked up 812 strikeouts. After his career he went back to school at Boston University and earned a masters degree in applied sport psychology. He has worked as a mental performance coach with the Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants and currently serves in that capacity with the Chicago Cubs.

PODCAST: Todd Cetnar – The 3 Pillars of Elite Results

Todd Cetnar, founder and CEO of Cetnar Consulting Group, has 25+ years leading strategic growth with prominent companies and sports teams across the globe. Today, Todd sits as a Vice President of Sales for a leading medical device company managing over $300M. Todd is a former professional basketball player and 3x Hall-of-Famer who played throughout Europe. Now, as a corporate executive, Todd combined the skillsets learned in both arenas to formulate the framework called the 3 Pillars of Elite Results.

PODCAST: Golf MPM with Cain & Carp (Ep. #3) No Double Bogeys

In episode 3,  Cain and Carp discuss the mindset of playing to avoid double bogey vs. going for birdie and the difference that this mindset shift can make in your scoring. They also discuss how making committed swings to conservative targets can completely lower your handicap and help you to GO LOW.

The Rise of Corbin Burnes

And he’s being compared to Cy Young. This is exciting in of itself, but his success has been amplified because of how he started and where his stats were in 2019…