Championship Teams have an MVP process, not an MVP player. Here’s how they do it.

by Brian Cain, MPM

The best of the best do things differently and it starts with building the right culture.

There is a championship culture that dictates how they treat each other, how they respond to adversity, and how they perform at their highest level regardless of their sport or their level.

As a mental performance mastery coach, you will be able to build the right culture that will help you attain your individual and collective goals.

Creating the right culture will lead to:

  • More predictable and consistent outcomes
  • Catching and passing the competition that’s ahead of you
  • Leading others and becoming the best at what you do

Here is the #1 process I use to create the right culture. All the championship college and professional athletes and teams go through this process. It’s what helps them become MVPs.

It’s the MVP Process and it’s the backbone of creating the right culture.

M = Mission

V = Vision

P = Core Principles

You see, culture is a shared set of beliefs that drive behaviors. The culture of an organization has to be a shared belief. Everyone has to be on board for the culture to stand.

Your results come from your behaviors. Your behaviors are dictated by your beliefs.

Let’s look at each part of this process:

M = Mission

This is what goes on your gravestone. Why do you exist? What do you want people to say about you when you’re not here anymore as a coach or athlete?  What’s the legacy you left behind?

V = Vision

Think about the vision as your resume. What are the list of outcomes you are looking to achieve? What are the results you are getting after?

P = Core Principles

These are your values or character traits that are going to drive your behaviors. Do you behave according to your feelings at any particular moment, or by your principles?

For example, the softball coach at LSU has defined with her athletes these 6 core principles. This values dictate how each player behaves on and off the field. This is what makes them T.I.G.E.R.S for life.

TIGERS = Trust, Integrity, Grit, Energy, Relentless, Selfless

All these values are hanging up on the walls of the locker room as a daily reminder of what they are after and how they will get there. And all the athletes know what it looks like to demonstrate each one of those values.

When I work with LSU or any other championship caliber program, I take them through the 5 steps for establishing the right culture.

Step 1: Identify your Mission, Vision, and Principles

Step 2: Define your Core Principles – what does it mean to be selfless, or be trustworthy, or have grit? 

Step 3: Describe behaviors. What does it look like and what does it NOT look like to be part of your organization.

Step 4: Assess your Behaviors on a regular basis. How is it going? What can be improved? 

Step 5: Create a Growth Plan – because if you want more, you have to become more

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