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Struggling to connect with your clients and athletes?

Great coaches are proficient at building rapport in order to establish trust with their clients and athletes. Here’s one of my favorite exercises to help you do just that.

Control What You Can Control

Focusing on things outside of your control is a waste of time. This simple exercise will help you better recognize what you can versus what you cannot control.

Performance Journaling

Performance can be boiled down to three simple steps called the Success Loop—prepare, compete, reflect. Most know that reflection is important but they do not put it into action.

4 Strategies for Developing Awareness for Athletes

Developing self-awareness is crucial for athletes that want to reach their potential. Here are four of my favorite strategies for developing the skill of awareness.

A Simple Framework for Coaching Habits

As a coach, your clients depend on you to help them get to the next level. That comes down to understanding behavior design in order to create good habits and eliminate the bad.

How to Compete with Confidence

What if I told you that everything you know about confidence is wrong? Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. Most don’t know what confidence is let alone how to coach it. In this article, I unpack all the secrets you need to understand what confidence is and where it comes from.

PODCAST: Enthusiasm Amplifies All Your Other Skills

Learn how enthusiasm amplifies all your other skills as a coach or athlete. On this episode of the MPM podcast Brian discusses the importance of being enthusiastic and how lacking it might keep you from achieving your goals.

MVP Process

Championship Teams have an MVP process, not an MVP player. Here’s how they do it.

The best teams are successful because they have a culture that dictates their behavior, not because they have the best player. Follow these five steps to intentionally create a championship culture with your team, clients, or organization.

Leaders Are Trained

Leaders are trained, not born. Here’s how to grow into a leader.

Leaders are trained. Leadership is a skill that can be trained intentionally, but do you know where to focus your efforts? Learn what the 6 Cs of Leadership are and how you can train them.

time management goals organization

Do You Have Big Goals? Here’s How To Get Them All Done.

Your daily energy is a finite resource. So, you need to know how to use the daily energy you have to do the things that matter. The more automated and organized your day is, the more self-discipline, energy and focus there is to direct towards the most important tasks.

Executing Consistently Good Habits Will Get You to Your Elite Goals. Here’s How to Get Started.

Consistently performing at a high level requires the ability to modify behavior and develop the structure needed to execute the game plan. High performing coaches know the power of routine. They know how to build and break habits in their athletes. And they teach the structure needed to guide their athletes day when they’re not around.

Athletes Can Only Compete in the Present Moment. Do Your Athletes Know How to Stay in the Present Moment?

The mental images you are exposed to, whether they be positive or negative, have a direct impact on your physical and mental performance. 

When you know how to coach mental imagery and meditation, you’ll see that your athletes know how to: stay calm under pressure, focus on the present moment task rather than getting caught up in the future or the past