PODCAST: The Baseball MPM Podcast With Cain & Casey – Episode #8 – The Power of Accountability

In The Baseball MPM Podcast With Cain & Casey, Brian Cain, creator of the Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) Coaches Certification and 30 Days to MPM Athletes Program and Sean “The Mayor” Casey, MLB Network Analyst and one of baseball’s all-time best hitters talk about success strategies you can use to master mental performance both on and off the baseball field.

PODCAST: Trade Expectation For Execution If You Want Results

In this short “Mental Minute” podcast episode I breakdown the expectation trap and how you can change your life and your performance by giving up expectations and focusing solely on execution of your process.

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How to Unlock Your Potential

Elite performance requires hard work. There’s no way around that.
The pressures of competing are demanding mentally, physically, and emotionally.

When you train the skills of self control and discipline you’ll notice that you’re better able to focus and face the inevitable obstacles that will come your way – like a bad game or the nerves that come before a big game, negative comments, negative expectations of others, or when you just get off the rails of a training or nutrition program.

PODCAST: The Baseball MPM Podcast With Cain and Casey – Episode #7 – The MLB Pitching Mindset

In episode #7 of Coffee with Cain and Casey, Brian Cain, creator of the Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) Coaches Certification and one of the World’s most sought after MPM Coaches and Sean “The Mayor” Casey, one of baseball’s all-time best hitters talk about success strategies you can use both on and off the field.

In this episode Cain and Caesy are joined by former Major League Baseball Player Jason Grilli.

How to Get Your Athletes to Focus

Distractions, negative self-talk, and letting mistakes get to you are a sure way to derail your performance. Athletes who succeed don’t do so because they evade trials. They are successful because they know how to overcome the obstacles that arise. It takes a skillset to be able to overcome obstacles. As a coach, you can train those skills. You train the physical part of your sport with drills.

How to Get and Stay Motivated, Especially When You Don’t Feel Like Doing It.

“I don’t want to.”

How many times have you said this?

Guess what?

A lot of people don’t want to get up, or work out, or make the call, or write the proposal, or ask for the thing.

But the people who act differently than how they feel are the ones who achieve great things.

How to Train to Develop an Elite Mindset

Are you watching the Olympics? You don’t have to watch too many events before you hear a commentator talk about an athlete’s “strong mental game.” Olympians train their bodies. That’s obvious.What’s less obvious but equally true is that they also train their minds. So, how does one develop such an elite mindset?

How to Train the Mental Game of Golf

Mental toughness is simply a skill set that can be taught, developed, and continuously improved just like the physical part of your game in golf. Mental performance is strength and conditioning for the six inches between your ears that control the six feet below them. Having a mental performance system is essential to playing your best when it means the most, one shot at a time. mental performance will give you a skill set to be successful in golf and, more importantly, successful in life. So, how do you condition your mind for success. The same way you condition your body for success! With drills. In my latest article, I show you the three of the best mental performance drills you can practice:

How to Establish a Winning Culture: The Road to Omaha Part 7 of 7

Coaches must know how to establish a winning culture. Sure, you’ll have leaders on your team. But they will not rise to the occasion accidentally. They will fall to the level of leadership you establish. A winning culture starts with you. And therefore, it must start with your own self-awareness. Are you aware of all the skill sets required of champion coaches? If not, let me remind you in this article about How To Establish A Winning Culture.

The Road to Championships are Paved with Process

We all know the outcome we want. To win. But, do you know the process it takes to reach your outcome? Process Over Outcome. It’s one of the pillars of my Mental Performance Certification Course; perhaps the most important one. A process over outcome mentality is the ability to stay focused on the journey without getting too caught up in the destination.

How to Reach Your Goals Faster: The 4 Stages of Buy-In

Did you ever hear about something that made you stop in your tracks? Stop walking. Stop talking. Stop scrolling (if we’re on social media). You think: Wait. What? I never knew that. Say that again. This is the exciting moment where growth begins.  But, growth is uncomfortable. So, we resist. This is where the 4 stages of buy-in begin.

How to Develop a Championship Level of Discipline

I don’t need to tell you how important discipline is. But, what a lot of coaches don’t know is that discipline is a muscle that can be trained. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “Well, he’s just not disciplined enough.” When really, what should be said is “He Does Not Train For Discipline Enough.” The things we do everyday build patterns in our minds. Practice makes perfect, right? Well, then … we better be super aware of what we are practicing! Training. For Discipline. The elite teams who are headed to Omaha practice discipline. Many times a day. How do I know? Because I taught many of them how! Here is a sample of what I teach: