PODCAST: The Baseball MPM Podcast With Cain & Casey – Episode #8 – The Power of Accountability

by Brian Cain, MPM

In The Baseball MPM Podcast With Cain & Casey, Brian Cain, creator of the Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) Coaches Certification and 30 Days to MPM Athletes Program and Sean “The Mayor” Casey, MLB Network Analyst and one of baseball’s all-time best hitters talk about success strategies you can use to master mental performance both on and off the baseball field.

In Episode #8 – The Power of Accountability Cain and Casey are joined by 2x MLB All-Star, 2013 NL Batting Champion and Minnesota Twins Hall of Famer Michael Cuddyer.  Cuddyer was the 9th overall pick in the 1997 MLB Draft and played from 2001-2015 with the Twins, Mets and Rockies.  

Cuddyer gives a lot of credit to his mental performance training and the mental game strategies he used to help him win the 2013 NL batting title and in this podcast he shares what made such a big difference for him and how he went from going 3-70 in his first year of pro baseball to being one of the most feared hitters in the game.

In this podcast Cain, Casey and Cuddyer talk about: 

  • Finding a routine and going deep under the water in season
  • Intentionally disrupting your routines so you don’t become a slave to the routine
  • How self-talk and confidence are the separator at the highest level
  • The biggest challenges you face coming out of HS into pro baseball
  • The importance of having something to go to when it gets hard
  • Controlling what you can control and managing all of the variables you can control in performance
  • “DigMe” Tapes and watching your personal highlights to help with preparation and performance
  • The power of profanity and having an alter ego
  • Breathing, meditation and knowing how to stay in control of yourself
  • Triggers to start an at-bat process and get yourself dialed in when it matters
  • Figuring out what the catcher is trying to do to you when at the plate so you can hunt a pitch or guess as a performance strategy
  • A strategy for holding yourself accountable that YOU MUST use as a player
  • Why it’s so much easier to let yourself down than an accountability partner.
  • The difference between wanting success and deserving success
  • How to use pressure, stress and the competition to increase your energy
  • Self-talk and what Cuddy learned from an MMA Fighter that changed his career
  • Mastering the process of the at bat so you can treat Game 2 of the season and Game 7 of the World Series as the same.
  • Building the body armor of what you can control and why by being a good teammate, smiling and using others as a strategy you can lock yourself into your own performance.
  • How baseball breeds anxiety and excitement in players
  • Why you shouldn’t bring a butter knife to a gun fight
  • What Cuddy learned from Derek Jeter’s 58 errors in one season at SS that changed his career
  • Why it’s imperative to work on your mental game and DO THE DRILLS it takes to become mentally tough
  • When an at-bat starts and the importance of preparation

You can engage with Brian Cain (@BrianCainPeak), Sean Casey (@themayorsofficemlb) and Michael Cuddyer (@mcuddy23) on Instagram and Twitter.


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