Developing and Executing Your Personal Mental Performance Training Plan

by Brian Cain, MPM


In this episode of The Mental Performance Mastery podcast Brian is joined by Cincinnati Reds outfielder Jake Fraley. 

Jake and Brian dive into all things mental game and you get a great in depth look at what Major League Baseball player mental performance execution at elite level looks like.

Episode Highlights:

  • The 4 stages of buy in Jake had to go through to buy into mental training
  • How Jakes has used Cain’s 30 Day Athlete’s Program daily for 3 years
  • Why the mental game is like an onion and you have to peal back the layers
  • Jake’s 3 keys to keep it simple and the note card he keeps in his pocket during games
  • The impact of Sean Casey on Jake’s career from a one day meet up in Pittsburgh
  • Jake’s pre-pitch routine and release at the plate
  • The importance of having a focal point that you can use 
  • Having a final “TIF” – thought, Image, feel
  • The importance of custom mental Imagery training audios
  • The importance of watching a personal mind movie on a consistent basis
  • Jake’s performance journaling process that he works on a daily basis in and out of the season
  • Using the 3 keys to keep it simple for life
  • The need to time block your days
  • The daily 5pm Saber Fight of hIs life
  • How time is the great separator, 86,400 seconds, 168 hours a week
  • Why he loves the success checklist and the habit share app

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