Using Fear As Fuel: The Mental Training that Helped AJ Johnson Capture a Title on the PBA Tour

by Brian Cain, MPM


In this episode of The Mental Performance Mastery Podcast Brian Cain, MPM is joined by professional bowler AJ Johnson. 

Johnson is a member of Team USA Bowling and has been on the PBA Tour for nearly a decade. 

Having recently won his first PBA Tour Title at The Lucky Larson Masters in Helsingborg, Sweden Johnson shares how he has learned to use Fear as Fuel and unveils the mental performance training that he did with Cain that helped him to capture his first professional bowling tour championship.

Episode Highlights:

    • Learning and training to use fear as fuel
    • The importance of having something to go to when it gets hard
    • Building routines pre comp, in comp and post comp for consistency
    • Moving your mindset from comparison into competition
    • Having a physical trigger to flip the switch from person to performer and showering well
    • The purpose of a daily success checklist for optimal performance and confidence
    • Confidence moving from being a feeling into something that you do and a way of life
    • Why and how to use mental imagery as a part of your preparation
    • Keeping a one word focus to ground you
    • Time blocking and planning your day in advance to help turn your brain off
    • 6-2-8 breathing
    • The 3 Keys to Keep It Simple
    • Separation from enhanced preparation
    • Getting One Percent Better
    • Why his listens to The Mental Performance Daily Podcast
    • Intentional performance journaling and MORE…

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