The Mental Game Intentions of an All-Star and World Series Champion – Josh Jung

by Brian Cain, MPM


In this episode of The Mental Performance Mastery podcast, I sat down with 2023 MLB All-Star and World Series champion Josh Jung.

Josh had a tremendous rookie campaign in the big leagues, helping the Texas Rangers secure their first World Series title in franchise history!

If you missed Josh’s first appearance on the podcast in 2020—you can listen to that here—he shares his story of how he started training his mental game at the age of 11!

Josh would tell you it’s a big reason he was able to go un-drafted out of high school to a 1st round selection in the 2019 MLB Draft.

Episode Highlights:

  • The role of sleep tracking in performance
  • The role of recovery over the grind of a season
  • The importance of setting your intentions every day
  • Josh’s journaling process and getting out of your head and onto paper
  • The benefits of slowing down
  • Josh’s one word focus for the 2023 season
  • Josh’s three keys to keep it simple at the plate
  • Why Josh makes a vision board and puts this in his locker
  • The need to keep a success checklist and use the habit share app
  • Why we need to write HAGL statements
  • MITs and most important tasks
  • Affirmation writing and it’s benefits to your mental game
  • Advice for navigating and overcoming injuries
  • The collective mindset that the world series champions adopted that won then the ring

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