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PODCAST: From MLB Player to MLB MPM Coach, Zach Sorenson Shares System For Developing Winner‪s‬

by Brian Cain, MPM

Zach Sorensen is a former Major League Baseball Player with the Cleveland Indians and Los Angeles Angels.  The 3x All-American at Wichita State has worked as a minor league mental performance coach with the Texas Rangers and is currently serving as the Major League mental performance coach with the Atlanta Braves.

Zach’s path from playing to doing his masters degree in sport psychology to becoming a MPM Certified coach to working in the minor leagues and now the major leagues is a path we can call learn from.

In this podcast Zach and I discuss:

  • The 7 Step Process he uses for developing mental performance
  • What he learned from hall of fame players about the importance of learning
  • 3 Critical questions we must ask if we want to be effective as a MPM Coach
  • The importance of focusing on process and the controlables
  • And much more…

You can engage with Zach through his website and check out his book The Hard 90 on Amazon.

Watch The Podcast Video Below…


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