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BC164 – Mental Performance Secrets of Professional Athletes with MPM Certified Coach Zach Sorensen

by Brian Cain, MPM

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In this episode of the MPM Coach Spotlight Podcast, I have the pleasure of talking with MPM Certified Coach Zach Sorenson.

Zach is a former Major League Baseball player with the Cleveland Indians and The Los Angeles Angels. He also worked as the Texas Rangers’ minor league Mental Performance Coach in 2018. Zach’s experience both coaching professional athletes and competing as one gives him unique insight into what mental performance secrets the pros use to compete at the highest level.

In this episode, he’ll share what he’s learned and how you can use these same strategies with your athletes.  


1:15 – “Don’t hit me the ball”—The surprising truth about how even major league players fall into the trap of negative thinking

1:40 – The life-changing advice Zach was given by Toronto Blue Jays president Mark Shapiro about how to find your passion

2:00 – The biggest “gap” Zach sees in sports—from high school through the pros—and why there is no amount of physical preparation that will replace this crucial aspect of performance

3:00 – Do you need a masters in sport psychology to coach mental performance?

4:00 – The difference between a master’s degree and the MPM Cert Course… and which one holds more value in the real world

4:40 – The key difference between a sport psychologist and a mental performance coach—and why knowing this is crucial for your career

6:50 – The ONE surprising piece of advice two of the world’s top baseball players would give to help athletes get from where they are to where they want to be

8:00 – The key to maximizing your time when you’re busy so that you can accomplish everything you want and need to do each day

9:00 – Why most people struggle with time management (and the shift you need to make to instantly be more productive)

9:10 – A simple formula you can use to guarantee greater productivity

10:30 – The coaching triad—and how most are completely overlooking one of these crucial aspects of coaching

11:15 – Why “Get 1% better every day” is motivational BS, and how you can take this from a “great idea” and put it into action

12:45 – Stop guessing: Here’s exactly how to KNOW if you are getting better this week

13:30 – How doing pushups can teach you a foundational principle that will allow you to improve any part of your life—predictably and consistently

14:05 – A simple and easy way to check if your clients and athletes are getting better with intention

14:30 – The #1 way to build confidence (works for every athlete, at every level)

15:30 – What you need to know to be a successful MPM coach

16:15 – How do you create the right culture in your program? It’s all laid out in the MPM certification

16:45 – The MPM cert is not a textbook… it specifically gives you the tools, strategies, and resources you need to get real results in the real world

17:40 – Zach’s advice for people who are on the fence about the importance of coaching mental performance

18:10 – TCU Baseball Head Coach Jim Schlossnagle says mental performance coaching and the MPM system is life changing

You can connect with Zach via email [email protected] and on Twitter @zsorensenphenom and on Instagram and Facebook @zsorensen.phenomsports.

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