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PODCAST: Kris Goodman – MPM Athlete To MPM Coach, Turning Passion to Professio‪n‬

by Brian Cain, MPM

Kris Goodman is a mental performance coach in the Tampa Bay Rays organization.  Goodman was a stand out player at The University of Iowa where I had the privilege of working with him as the team’s mental performance consultant.  “Goody” would go on to be selected by the Miami Marlins in the 2015 MLB draft. 

After his professional career, he went on to receive his masters in applied sport psychology at Minnesota State, Mankato. In this podcast, “Goody” shares how he has parlayed his mental performance experiences as a player into his passion and now his profession.

In this podcast “Goody” and I discuss:

  • When does an at-bat start and the key components of an at-bat routine
  • The power of visualization and relaxation training
  • The use of association and triggers and their role in competing one pitch at a time
  • How to stay alert, calm, poised and engaged at the same time
  • And much more…

You can engage with Kris Goodman on twitter @KrisGoodman_ and on instagram Kris_Goodman_


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