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PODCAST: From Non-Drafted To 1st Rd Pick, The Mental Game of Josh Jung

by Brian Cain, MPM

Josh Jung attended Douglas MacArthur High School in San Antonio, Texas where he starred in both baseball and football.  Undrafted out of high school he enrolled at Texas Tech University to play college baseball for the Red Raiders.   Jung had one of the most historic careers in Tech history as he worked himself into a 3x NCAA All-American, played for the Team USA Collegiate National Team and in 2019 was the Texas Rangers 1st Round Pick, 8th overall.

Josh has been a student of the Mental Game of Baseball since he was 11 years old and started with my PRIDE (Personal Responsibility In Daily Excellence) Program.  He is as invested into Mental Performance as any athlete I have ever worked with.

In this podcast recorded live in front of close to 500 high school baseball coaches and players we talk about…

    • The Importance of daily mental performance training

    • Separating what you do and who you are

    • The importance of self-talk, perspective and routines

    • How to overcome the biggest challenges you face in baseball and life

    • How the mental game helped him go from Non-drafted out of HS to 8th overall
  • And much much more….

You can engage with Josh Jung on instagram @Josh6Jung and with Brian Cain @BrianCainPeak


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