How to Master The Mental Game of Baseball and Get 1% Better

by Brian Cain, MPM

Spend any time on the baseball field hear coaches and players say “baseball is 90% mental…”

Ask them what they do to train their mental game or how they work on it in practice and you will be hard pressed to get an answer.

For most baseball coaches and players, the mental game is something that they hope shows up on game day.  That they “have it” when the lights turn on.  It’s a big reason why so many players have superstitions about the clothes they wear, what they eat on game day or whatever superstitions they hold.  They know the importance of the mental game and resort to their superstitions as a way to “get locked in”.

It doesn’t have to be this mystical and inconsistent.

The mental skills you need to succeed on the diamond, compete one pitch at a time and slow yourself down so you can slow the game down can be trained just like the fundamental skills of the swing, a drag bunt or how you throw a 4 seam fastball.  

I put together this How to Master The Mental Game of Baseball and Get 1% Better audio for you as a introduction to the mental game of baseball.  I get a little fired up when I talk about this as the mental game of baseball is what I lacked as a player and it’s been my life’s mission since to educate, empower and energize baseball players and coaches on this side of the game. 

The mental game is the 6th tool.  It’s the missing link in all of baseball training and development.  Regardless of whether you are in the show or coaching the local little league team, there will be tremendous value in this audio for you.

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