[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][dt_gap height=”20″][vc_column_text]Successful people in any area of life are people who are driven by an overflowing enthusiasm for what they are trying to accomplish. Whether its building a house, teaching a second grade lesson, pitching for the Boston Red Sox or running a homeless shelter, people who impact those around them have a contagious attitude for life.


They know that the last four letters of ENTHUSIASM are IASM – I Am Sold Myself. They are sold on their abilities to play the game, sold on their passion and purpose for what they do. They have an energy and enthusiasm that is like a raging fire and people will come for miles to watch them burn.

Enthusiasm does a number of things for you…

1. Gives us a renewed focus day to day.

2. Makes an impact on others who are looking for direction.

3. Attracts half-hearted followers to jump on board and commit themselves fully.

4. Lifts us and others up when we are most down.

5. Turns practice from work to pleasure.

6. Gives us determination to reach the goal

7. Gives us passion and energy to keep trying despite repeated failures.

8. Is the by-product of clear vision and wild imagination.


I want to help you grow your enthusiasm and I want to do it with the same exact training program used by the 109 players I worked with who achieved their dream.

I want to offer you my PRIDE (Personal Responsibility In Daily Excellence) program for only $109. Normally this program is $177, today you can get this for ONLY $109.

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PRIDE – The Peak Performance System

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