BC01: Cliff Godwin-The Pirate’s Mission

Cliff Godwin is the head baseball coach at East Carolina University and one of the top young coaches in all of NCAA athletics. Godwin worked as an assistant under two national championship winning coaches in Tim Corbin at Vanderbilt and under Paul Manari at LSU. He also was instrumental as an assistant coach in leading Ole Miss to Omaha in 2014.

I have know Cliff since 2012 when we worked together with Ole Miss Baseball. He has impressed me with his energy, competitiveness and ability to connect with players and get them to play at their best on a consistent basis. As a head coach, his press conference was truly impressive in that he outlined his vision for ECU baseball and the PIRATES MISSION and has since been working relentlessly to make that vision come to fruition.

In this podcast, Cliff breaks down the PIRATES MISSION and what he has believes makes a player and a program flourish in the mental side of the game.


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