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PODCAST: Baseball MPM with Cain & Casey (Ep. #3) The Art of Coaching

by Brian Cain, MPM

In The Baseball MPM Podcast With Cain & Casey, Brian Cain, creator of the Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) Coaches Certification and 30 Days to MPM Athletes Program and Sean “The Mayor” Casey, MLB Network Analyst and one of baseball’s all-time best hitters talk about success strategies you can use to master mental performance both on and off the baseball field.

In episode #3 – The Art of Coaching, Cain & Casey do an in depth breakdown of “The Art of Coaching” an HBO Documentary about Nick Saban and Bill Belichick.


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You can watch the HBO Documentary on The Art of Coaching here


Brian Cain’s Notes on The Art of Coaching Documentary

Great ones say “I can get to top of the mountain”, but once you get there, you ARE the mountain and the best ones look and say “I can get even better”.

I am an AND-BUT guy, when someone says BUT – it’s never good if they say AND it’s always good



  1. Play with discipline
  2. Give best effort every play
  3. Pay attention to detail
  4. Prepare the right way

Stop feeling sorry for yourself Nick, your girlfriend broke up with you and you will be fired and I will whop your ass if you don’t get it together. – Gas Station Story

Accountability is making yourself do it right.

College teaches you how to solve problems and how to think.  Better than the accounting education that Belichick got at Weslyan.

Saban has a minor in sport psychology.  You can get the equivalent of a masters in sport psych with my MPM Certification Course for Coaches by clicking here.

It’s a mindset, it’s a habit, not what you want, it’s what are you willing to give up, What you are willing to do to get what you want



Hard to do your job if you don’t know what your job is.  Leaders have to define what the job is for those in their organization.

Saban new what to expect from belichick when he was an asst. coach on Belichick’s staff in Cleveland.

People who work for Belichick know what their job is

In4 years Browns went from most PTS allowed to least allowed in NFL

Fundamental relationships and communication is hard to do these days with social media – there are no cell phones on the field

2000 likes from people you don’t know vs. getting 53 from people that matter in the lockeroom


Talent is your greatest nemisis when it comes to your mindset, especially the young guys, now you gotta compete, pay attention to detail and you don’t know how…

Nobody motivates the Tiger… The tiger just hunts.

The purpose of life is to develop your gifts, the  meaning is to give those gifts away

Pro guys – coach then individually, college this is how we do it and we coach everyone the same… learn to coach the individual.

Keep people choosing to do the things they need to do to keep moving forward… keep them committed to greatness

High achievers don’t like being around those who are mediocre and those who are mediocre don’t like being around high achievers

You feel like you did a bad job as a coach?  This is the worst feeling you can get.

Losing can refocus a good team during a season. 

People respond better when things go poorly than when things go well – human nature. 

Survival is more human nature than to try and be special or really good

Both coaches struggled to get away, relax, turn it off.

What’s holding you back

The secret of victory lies in the —- organization of the non obvious – Marcus Aurelias

Every year you start over, it’s always a new team