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PODCAST: How mental performance can improve sleep, recovery and the results your clients get on a daily basis

by Brian Cain, MPM

In this podcast, Brian Cain joins Nick Lamb, creator of the sleep coach summit and four top sleep and recovery coaches to talk about the 10 pillars of mental performance mastery and their effect on sleep.

In this podcast we discuss…

  • How your mindset can affect the quality of your sleep and recovery
  • Why all coaches are really mental performance coaches when it comes to results
  • How to get “buy in” from those who you coach
  • And much more…

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COACHES: What you should do now…

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Inside the course, I’ll show you how to:

  • Get your athletes to perform their best when it means the most by using a SYSTEM to create an elite mindset.
  • Compete at a higher level, more consistently—while managing distractions and adversity—by establishing the right routines.
  • Create the championship culture you need to develop elite athletic leaders and cultivate a clear vision that keeps everyone motivated and juiced up.

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