PODCAST: Advice for Your Journey to the Top – Jim Schlossnagle – Head Baseball Coach Texas A&M University

by Brian Cain, MPM

Jim Schlossnagle Advice For Your Journey To The Top

Jim Schlossnagle is the Head Baseball Coach at Texas A&M University. Coach Schloss is one of the top minds in all of collegiate coaching and has led TCU to 5 CWS. Schloss was named Big 12 Conference Baseball coach of the year in 2015 and was the on field manager of the Team USA Baseball Collegiate National Team in 2013. Following the 2021 season, Coach Schlossnagle was chosen to lead the TAMU baseball program.

In this podcast, Coach Schloss shares his journey to the pinnacle of college baseball, insight behind the creation of his over 1,000,000 x viewed Quiet Confidence Video, his advice for young coaches on decision making, what it takes to develop a winning culture and a winning mindset as well as the 3 qualities he looks for when hiring a coach on his staff.

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How to Master the Mental Game of Baseball?

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01:57-08:37  Coach Schlossnagle’s road to becoming the TCU Head Coach.

09:03-12:08  What does Coach Schlossnagle know now that he wishes he knew back as a younger coach?

12:32-13:57  What parts of the mental game are critical to the success of TCU baseball?

14:13-15:24  The importance of weekly meetings and how to use them effectively with players.

15:50-18:54  How Coach Schlossnagle uses video production to improve TCU baseball.

Video Link: TCU Baseball – Quiet Confidence

Video Link: TCU Baseball – The Grind

Video Link: TCU Baseball – The Journey

19:53-22:52  What did the most successful players from TCU baseball do that other players can imitate?

23:28-27:24  Coach Schlossnagle’s advice to young coaches who want to become college baseball coaches.


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