3 Strategies For Forging Unshakeable Focus

During the 2018-2019 college football playoffs, as Nick Saban and Dabo Sweeney attributed much of their success at powerhouse football programs Alabama and Clemson to the ability to help their team focus, the emails started rolling in. A month later, Bill Belichick of the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots spoke about the importance of… Read More

PODCAST: The 6C’s of building trust as a leader

In this Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) Podcast Episode, I explain the 6Cs of building trust and how as leaders our leadership will be determined by how much we build trust.

From high school baseball coach to highly sought after MPM Coach: Ethan Miller

Ethan Miller is one of the first coaches to complete our MPM Certification Course and one of the most active MPM Certified coaches at spreading his influence and impact while making an income from mental performance coaching. His full-time job is as the Athletic Director, Health and Physical Education Teacher and Varsity Baseball Coach at… Read More

PODCAST: What are you working for?

If you aren’t clear on what you’re working for, you might make this critical mistake and look at with a lot of regret…

PODCAST: The illusion of choice

The illusion of choice. If you are going to optimize your life and reach your potential, you must understand this…

PODCAST: Unstoppable drive, determination and mindset, what it takes to be first

Missy Parkin won the prestigious USBC Queens, is a member of Team USA along with being an entrepreneur, a wife, a proud mom. She also been named to Bowlers Journal International magazine list of Top 100 coaches 8 different times. Today, she opens up about her life, career, and the mental performance techniques that have helped lead to her success.

PODCAST: The World’s most deadly disease you’ve never heard of… MOOMBA

In this Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) Podcast Episode, I explain the 6Cs of building trust and how as leaders our leadership will be determined by how much we build trust.

Mental Performance Coaching Case Study: Georges St-Pierre, 13-time MMA World Champion

  Over the past few weeks, I’ve posted articles that outline simple, practical ways you can begin implementing mental performance coaching. Today, I want to take things a step further and share a case study from someone I’ve worked with over the years to illustrate the kind of impact a well-designed, strategic mental performance coaching… Read More

Build the ‘awareness muscle’ to stay calm under pressure, fight through adversity, and make better decisions (even when it’s hard)

  In the 1973 figure skating world championships, Irina Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev were midway through their routine when the music unexpectedly stopped. Even if you’ve never watched the sport, you can probably imagine the importance of music in a figure skating routine. From providing cues and synchronizing movements to the rise and fall of… Read More

3 Strategies for more Motivation, Focus, and Commitment

  If there are three words every coach would like to use to describe their athletes, motivated, focused, and committed would be near the top. The problem is that it’s hard to get people to actually display these characteristics. It’s an area of performance that most coaches simply don’t know how to address. Despite popular… Read More

How to build your athletes’ motivation, commitment, and focus

I don’t know about you, but for me, the responsibility of helping other people achieve their goals can feel overwhelming at times. Particularly challenging is that, as coaches and trainers, we face an interesting dilemma: our job is to help people reach their full potential, yet a lot of what happens is outside our control…. Read More

How to Build a Championship Culture (Plus the top 3 mistakes even smart, hard-working coaches make)

  At some point, every coach realizes that working hard isn’t enough to get to the top. The truth is that all coaches works long hours trying to do whatever it takes to win. But there’s one thing I’ve learned after many years being around some of the best coaches in the world: success is… Read More