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BC161 – From high school baseball coach to highly sought after MPM Coach: Ethan Miller

by Brian Cain, MPM

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Ethan Miller is one of the first coaches to complete our MPM Certification Course and one of the most active MPM Certified coaches at spreading his influence and impact while making an income from mental performance coaching.

His full-time job is as the Athletic Director, Health and Physical Education Teacher and Varsity Baseball Coach at Central Springs High School in Manley, Iowa.  One of the most motivated and committed coaches I have ever worked with, Miller is also and the co-author of The Mental Game of Athletic Administration and the author of It Doesn’t Happen By Accident: The 6 Keys to ​Leading with Intention and It Doesn’t Happen By Accident: Living a Life of Purpose.

In this MPM Coach Spotlight Podcast, Ethan shares his journey into MPM Certification and how he has earned 20x what he invested into the MPM Certification in less than 90 days from enrolling in the course.


2:20 – You are already coaching mental performance you just don’t know it or do it intentionally

3:20 – The difference between motivational speaker BS and field tested strategy and system that gets results

3:50 – Motivation gets you started, commitment keeps you going

4:00 – Why people fail at sticking to their programs and goals

4:40 – The missing piece in moving from average to elite

5:20 – The problem with many sport psychology graduate programs

6:20 – Ethan’s story and journey into mental performance mastery

7:20 – The GAP that athletes and coaches must close to achieve optimal performance

8:30 – How ONE COMMENT changed his life and can change the life of your clients and athletes

9:10 – Mental Performance Mastery is a lifestyle, not a course

10:40 – The 4 Stages of Buy In and how Ethan went through these in his life and used the MPM Manual

11:08 – Closing the zone of proximal development

11:28 – Trained or untrained, mental performance mastery is not a condition, it’s state

12:20 – How to become unstoppable and more valuable as a coach or trainer

13:20 – Having something to go to so you can be at your best when it means the most

14:10 – Growing your business and making money as a mental performance coach

14:45 – Being mission driven and in service to others is the pathway to getting paid

15:15 – Building your business as a Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) Certified Coach

16:00 – Improving communication and coaching

16:50 – The high you can’t buy that you get from coaching and mental performance training

17:30 – Advice for people looking to get into mental performance coaching

17:50 – The 3 ways that people leave you determines how long they will stay with you.

18:40 – The MPM Certification is FINALLY a ONE CLEAR PLAN to help us in coaching

19:00 – Ethan’s experience in sport psychology academic classrooms…

19:35 – Not a one and done certification, a lifestyle vs. an event – on going coaching and mentorship

20:10 – Having an accessible expert as a mentor to help you along the way

20:30 – Constant development and growth – The Success Cycle

21:40 – Don’t get into this income, get into the outcome – influence and impact before income

Connect with Ethan Miller:


E-Mail = [email protected]

Twitter = @EthanMiller_20

Instagram = @EMiller2020

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