The untapped competitive advantage: 3 Ways you can use mental performance training to level up your coaching—immediately

Imagine the Google search by a coach who wants to help his or her athletes perform better…  For the sake of this example, let’s say we’re talking about a baseball coach.  So they might look for terms like: Baseball fundamental drills.  Weight training for baseball. Conditioning for baseball.  The result? Well… “Baseball fundamental drills” gave… Read More

Hacking the habit loop: Help your clients and athletes achieve goals faster with this proven 3-step formula

Your life is a sum of your habits. The habits you have shape how you spend your time and how successful you will become—in sports, in achieving your goals, in life.  Even the most disorganized person relies on countless daily habits. You may not be aware of them, but you already perform habits every single… Read More

Use Pre/Intra/Post workout routines to help clients and athletes dominate their training sessions with maximum focus

On July 4th in Boston, Massachusetts I walked into a Barnes & Noble and my life changed forever.  I had never read a book start-to-finish at this point in my life—despite being just one year from graduating college. And I definitely had NOT planned on buying one that day.  But I did love baseball. So… Read More

PODCAST: Dr. Rob Gilbert – Part 2 – Life Changing Strategies From a MPM Legend

Welcome back renowned professor of mental performance and sports psychology Dr. Rob Gilbert – along with some of the athletes and elite performers he’s influenced over the years. Hear some of some Dr. Gilbert’s most life-changing messages, and how you can apply his teachings to your life.

PODCAST: Dr. Rob Gilbert – The Life Changing Power of Story Telling

Dr. Rob Gilbert is a friend, mentor and the creator of the Success Hotline. References to his show are common among the athletes who are guests—and for good reason. Success Hotline is so popular among everyone from athletes to CEOs because it’s simple, concise messages manage to both inspire listeners and equip them with knowledge and insights into success, leadership, motivation, overcoming adversity and more.

PODCAST: Donene Taylor – The Heart and Mindset Skills of a Rodeo World Champion

For more than 20 years, today’s guest Donene Taylor has been a member of the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association. In 2016, at the age of 52, she took the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association World Champion Tie Down Calf Roper title and is a 4-time WPRA Mountain States Circuit Champion Tie Down Calf Roper.

But, in addition to her impressive list of accolades, Donene is also a sought-after speaker, and is the author of the book “Heart of a Champion Proven Strategies to Help You Discover the Heart of a Champion That Beats Within You” which outlines the mental performance techniques she used to achieve her goals–and explains how you can achieve yours as well.

Creating a culture of mental toughness – The ECU Pirate’s Mission

Cliff Godwin is the head baseball coach at East Carolina University and one of the top coaches in all of NCAA athletics. Godwin worked as an assistant under two national championship winning coaches in Tim Corbin at Vanderbilt and under Paul Manari at LSU. He also was instrumental as an assistant coach in leading Ole… Read More

Here’s what’s possible with the MPM Certification: 7 Coaches share their experiences…

I created the Mental Performance Mastery Certification with one goal: To give you the tools, knowledge, and resources you need to help your clients or athletes master the mental game so they can consistently perform their best, overcome any obstacle, and stay focused under pressure.

PODCAST: Alan McDougal – Coaching Mental Performance In Baseball and Creating The Right Culture

Alan McDougal, MPM is the head baseball coach at Colleyville Heritage High School in Colleyville, TX.  He led the Panthers to the 2019 Texas 5A State Championship and earned his team a #1 National Raking in all of High School Baseball.  In that 2019 Season, one of Alan’s players, Bobby Witt Jr. (Pictured on the… Read More

The 10 mental performance skills every athlete must master for peak performance

As a three-sport standout athlete and captain in high school, I thought I was prepared for success in collegiate athletics.  Man was I wrong.  I quickly realized the meaning of the phrase, “Big fish in a small pond.” Graduating high school with a class of just 89 students may have skewed my reality when it… Read More

The ABC’s of elite performance: Stop focusing on the outcome—and start optimizing the process

“Becoming a champion is not an easy process… It is done by focusing on what it takes to get there and not on getting there” Nick Saban, Head Football Coach, The University of Alabama The society we live in is a results-driven society.  As a coach, your job is likely in jeopardy if you don’t… Read More

High-Performance Routines: Help athletes lock in focus and perform their best when it matters most

You can know all the right information, but if you do not put it into ACTION—what good does it do for you?  The purpose of any routine is to build more trust, consistency, and confidence in performance.  Think about those three things for a minute.  These are concepts of athletic performance often glossed over. But… Read More