The foundation of effective leadership that most coaches get dead wrong and how you can get it right

  Get this right and things tend to fall into place; get it wrong and things tend to fall apart. Sometimes, helping our clients and athletes requires the process of unlearning things they “know.” Whether it’s limiting beliefs or habits they think are helping but are actually hurting, unlocking their potential and guiding them to… Read More

The truth about peak performance, sport psychology and mental conditioning that nobody is shooting you straight

  (it requires more than a perfect fitness program or hard work) How is that two people can respond to the same situation in very different ways? When the game is on the line, one athlete folds under the pressure and retreats; the other embraces the challenge, rising to the occasion. When “life” gets in… Read More

The KR70: 70 Lessons From My Mentor Ken Ravizza

As I pulled the weeds from the garden, I knew this was a perfect metaphor for all the mental game lessons I was being taught. Weeds, like negative thoughts, will always resurface.  Make sure you have someone to help you weed them out. I was lucky enough to have as my mentor, Ken Ravizza. Those… Read More

PODCAST: The Law of the Jungle

Understanding the parable of “The Law of the Jungle” can transform your life by getting you to take a look at your real self.  We become the average of who we associate with most and what we do most frequently.  We all have an inborn Lion inside of us that’s born to hunt greatness.  Learn how you find your real self and your amazing dormant talents.

26.2 Miles + 26.2 Thoughts

On Sunday, November 5, 2017, I will be running with the Pat Tillman Foundation in the New York City Marathon.  In this Peak Performance Report, I wanted to share with you 26.2 thoughts as I prepare for the 26.2 mile race, thoughts that I think will help you to win your race… the race to… Read More

PODCAST: From D3 To The NFL – Andrew Franks

Brian sits down with current Kicker for the Miami Dolphins Andrew Franks to discuss his journey from playing Division 3 Football at RPI to kicking in the NFL.  Andrew’s drive and determination to be great make him one of the top peak performers ever interviewed on the podcast.

PODCAST: Sleep, The Missing Link in Peak Performance

Dr. James Maas is a world renown authority, consultant in the field of sleep and performance and widely regarded as the world’s leading expert in sleep research and how sleep impacts optimal performance…

PODCAST: How mental performance turned a MMA Fighter into the worlds top Anti Bullying activist

Tom Murphy is an undefeated mixed martial arts fighter, entrepreneur and the world’s top anti bullying activist.  Tom’s story of going from an un-recruited high school wrestler to undefeated mma fighter in the UFC, to walking away from it all to start SweatHeartsAndHeroes the world’s top anti bullying educational agency is impressive.

PODCAST: The Importance of Ruthless Self-Work

Brian sits down with one of the elite Peak Performers in the world, Bobby Maximus.  Bobby is a former police officer turned UFC fighter and is now the General Manager and founder of Gym Jones.

PODCAST: The Mental Game of a 19-Year MLB Player Raúl Ibañez |

Former 19-year Big Leaguer Raúl Ibañez joins Brian to talk mental game and how it attributed mightily to his success.  Raúl hit over 300 home runs and drove in more than 1,200 runs throughout his illustrious career… 

PODCAST: Leading a National Championship Winning Program

One of the best college softball coaches in the country, Florida State’s Lonni Alameda, sits down with Brian on this episode of the Mental Performance Mastery Podcast… 

PODCAST: 9 Tips for Mastering and Managing Your Time

Brian goes solo to give you 9 Tips for Mastering and Managing Your Time.  He gives you tangible action steps to help you maximize your time on a day-to-day basis.