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PODCAST: How mental performance turned a MMA Fighter into the worlds top Anti Bullying activist

by Brian Cain, MPM

Tom Murphy is an undefeated mixed martial arts fighter, entrepreneur and the world’s top anti bullying activist.  Tom’s story of going from an un-recruited high school wrestler to undefeated mma fighter in the UFC, to walking away from it all to start SweatHeartsAndHeroes the world’s top anti bullying educational agency is impressive.

In this podcast, Tom shares his story of early struggles in school to finding the importance of mental performance, routine and structure in college to achieving his dream of fighting in the UFC to walking away from it all to pursue a bigger calling in saving lives and building sweethearts and heroes in school with his educational presentations.  Tom is one of the most unique, humble and inspiring athletes and people I have ever worked with.  This is one episode for all coaches, athletes, parents, entrepreneurs and educators

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