How to Reach Your Goals Faster: The 4 Stages of Buy-In

by Brian Cain, MPM

Did you ever hear about something that made you stop in your tracks?


Stop walking.

Stop talking.

Stop scrolling (if we’re on social media)


You think: Wait. What?

I never knew that.

Say that again.


This is the exciting moment where growth begins. 

But, growth is uncomfortable.

So, we resist.


This is where the 4 stages of buy-in begin.


STAGE #1 No. This isn’t for me.

STAGE #2 I guess it’s okay for others, but I’m still not sure it’ll work for me.

STAGE #3 Maybe I’ll try it.

STAGE #4 I’ll never do this any other way. How was I even getting by in life before this?


I have witnessed thousands of coaches navigating these stages when it comes to mental performance training.


The ones who got themselves to stage 3 quickly are champions with lots of trophies.

The ones who are stuck in stage 1 or 2 are still struggling.

They may have talent on their team and are doing okay but they’re finding championships are hard to win. As I’ve said before, it takes a lot more than talent to win championships because by the time you get to the championship game, everyone is talented.


Those Champions?

They embraced mental performance training quickly, some immediately. 

Stage 3. Day 1.


I want you to try mental performance training today because I know that it works.

Talent + Mental Performance Training = Championships


I also personally know how quickly things can shift for the better.


Several years ago I signed up for my first Ironman.


I didn’t own a bike and I didn’t know how to swim. That day one of training that required a 3-mile run? I walked it.


100 days later I successfully competed in the Ironman.


How is that possible?

Because I sought out coaching, found someone I trusted and did exactly what he told me to do.


I jumped immediately into stage 3 which quickly got me to stage 4. And now, I don’t know how I lived any other way.


100 days.

That’s all it took for me to go from being unable to run 3 miles to completing an Ironman.


Where are you now? And where do you want to be?


Mental Performance Training can get you there a lot faster than you think.


So, let’s just jump into Stage 3 today.

Try it.


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