BC43: Todd Whitting – Mastering The Mental Game

This week’s guest is Todd Whitting, head baseball coach at The University of Houston.  Coach Whitting led the Cougars to the American Athletic Conference Championship in 2014 and in 2015 and to an NCAA Super Regional in Austin, Texas, in 2014.

I first started working with Coach Whitting when he was an assistant coach at TCU in 2006 and have had the honor of working with him each year since.  As an assistant, Whitting was instrumental in helping build TCU into a national powerhouse, and he has quickly brought The University of Houston back into national prominence.

Whitting will break down how there is no cookie-cutter approach to helping players be successful and to building a winning program, yet there is a process, and that you must be adaptable and flexible in your process to reach maximum success.  He also shares his system for developing all aspects of an individual, including a significant emphasis on the mental game.

You can follow Coach Whitting on Twitter @ToddWhitting and The University of Houston Baseball @UHCougarBB.

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