Pillar #10 The Right Culture

Team Building: Human Pretzel

by Brian Cain, MPM

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A couple of other activities that are very simple for any coach to run.  The human pretzel.  Everybody gets in a circle.  They reach in, grab right hands with someone else’s right hand, grab left hands of someone else’s left hand, but not the person next to you.  They then, under time have got to communicate and work stepping through and around and over each other to get out into a big circle.  They have got to strategize, they are in there nice and close.  They have got to figure out how to get out of that pretzel without letting go of their hands.  Again, at the end of the activity the questions are:

1) What happened?

2) What can we learn from this?

3) How does this apply to softball?

Issues for discussion about communication, trust, togetherness and leadership will come out of these activities that will help your team to be successful.  You can take a leader out of the group but someone else has got to lead or the group will go nowhere.