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What I Learned Caddying on the PGA Korn Ferry Tour

In April I had the opportunity to caddy for a golfer on the Korn Ferry Tour. It was challenging and at times uncomfortable for me. But, that’s a big reason why I LOVED it. You see, I’ve been a mental performance coach for high school, collegiate and professional level athletes of all sports for over twenty years. And the number one thing I have learned is that it’s easier to understand the athletes I work with when I walk in their shoes to the greatest extent that I’m able. This means walking next to them, hearing, seeing, and feeling it all. The distracting noises, the tense silences, the sometimes debilitating self-talk.

The Rise of Corbin Burnes

And he’s being compared to Cy Young. This is exciting in of itself, but his success has been amplified because of how he started and where his stats were in 2019…

How to Coach your Athletes to Use Fear as Fuel

There is a long list of outcomes that athletes fear. Fear of losing. Fear of getting cut. But we know that fearing outcomes will not help your athletes perform well today. As a coach, it’s your job to teach your athletes how to manage their fear. It starts with them knowing that fear grows out of feelings of what might happen in the future. Rule #1 about Fear: Fear feeds on feelings. If left unchecked, fear can kidnap the athlete’s mind and body. But you can coach the fear out of your athletes and teach them how to regulate their emotions.

What is Mental Performance Mastery (MPM)?

Why what you don’t know about Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) is holding you back from your true potential (and what to DO about it) “Elite performance in any arena is 90% mental, yet most competitors work on the mental game less than 10% of the time in their training. Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) training is… Read More

PODCAST: From Non-Drafted To 1st Rd Pick, The Mental Game of Josh Jung

Josh Jung attended Douglas MacArthur High School in San Antonio, Texas where he starred in both baseball and football.  Undrafted out of high school he enrolled at Texas Tech University to play college baseball for the Red Raiders.   Jung had one of the most historic careers in Tech history as he worked himself into a 3x NCAA All-American, played for the Team USA Collegiate National Team and in 2019 was the Texas Rangers 1st Round Pick, 8th overall. Josh has been a student of the Mental Game of Baseball since he was 11 years old.

Competing One Shot at a Time: Mastering Golf Mental Performance

When you’re first learning golf, the physical skills like foot placement, swing management, and course management are important to learn. But once you start competing at higher levels, everyone already knows all the physical stuff well. Which means that you are probably not physically or mechanically better than the person standing next to you. Talent… Read More

From Worst to First in MLB History: The Corbin Burnes Case Study 

Great athletes are great for a lot of reasons. Often one of those reasons is pure talent. When you combine pure talent with consistent physical strength and conditioning, you get something magical – like going 7-0 and helping your team get to the National League Championship Game in your rookie season. That is what Corbin… Read More

PODCAST: The Mental Performance Training Behind Baseball’s Biggest Story of 2021

Corbin Burnes is in the midst of the biggest turn around in baseball history. We have worked together since September 2019 and in this podcast he gives you tremendous insight into this mental preparation process and gives you a blueprint for what elite mental performance training looks like for someone who is one of the best in the world.

PODCAST: The Mental Game Success Strategies of Baseball’s Best Hitter

Sean “The Mayor” Casey played MLB from 1997-2008 with The Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburgh Pirates, Detroit Tigers and Boston Red Sox. Casey, a 3x MLB All-Star has a career batting average of .302, hit 130 HRs and drove in 735 RBI. In this podcast he shares his Mental Game success strategies and secrets so you can be a better hitter.

3 Tips for throwing more strikes and winning more games

Walk. Walk. 2-0 count.  Chances are if you have been a pitcher for awhile, then you had an inning start like this. And, you know it can continue one of two ways. Either you settle down, find your rhythm and follow this up with something like: K. Ground out. K. Or … you spiral out… Read More

PODCAST: How mental performance can improve sleep, recovery and the results your clients get on a daily basis

Brian Cain joins Nick Lamb, creator of the sleep coach summit and four top sleep and recovery coaches to talk about the 10 pillars of mental performance mastery and their effect on sleep.

PODCAST: Mind, Body, Spirit – A Recipe For Major League Success

Zach Brandon is the mental skills coordinator for the Arizona Diamondbacks, where he helps baseball’s best players reach their maximum potential. Zach’s approach to developing a strong mind, body and spirit is as applicable to life as it is on the diamond.