PODCAST: Enthusiasm Amplifies All Your Other Skills

Learn how enthusiasm amplifies all your other skills as a coach or athlete. On this episode of the MPM podcast Brian discusses the importance of being enthusiastic and how lacking it might keep you from achieving your goals.

MVP Process

Championship Teams have an MVP process, not an MVP player. Here’s how they do it.

The best teams are successful because they have a culture that dictates their behavior, not because they have the best player. Follow these five steps to intentionally create a championship culture with your team, clients, or organization.

Leaders Are Trained

Leaders are trained, not born. Here’s how to grow into a leader.

Leaders are trained. Leadership is a skill that can be trained intentionally, but do you know where to focus your efforts? Learn what the 6 Cs of Leadership are and how you can train them.

time management goals organization

Do You Have Big Goals? Here’s How To Get Them All Done.

Your daily energy is a finite resource. So, you need to know how to use the daily energy you have to do the things that matter. The more automated and organized your day is, the more self-discipline, energy and focus there is to direct towards the most important tasks.

Executing Consistently Good Habits Will Get You to Your Elite Goals. Here’s How to Get Started.

Consistently performing at a high level requires the ability to modify behavior and develop the structure needed to execute the game plan. High performing coaches know the power of routine. They know how to build and break habits in their athletes. And they teach the structure needed to guide their athletes day when they’re not around.

Athletes Can Only Compete in the Present Moment. Do Your Athletes Know How to Stay in the Present Moment?

The mental images you are exposed to, whether they be positive or negative, have a direct impact on your physical and mental performance. 

When you know how to coach mental imagery and meditation, you’ll see that your athletes know how to: stay calm under pressure, focus on the present moment task rather than getting caught up in the future or the past

Work the Process. But, Do You Have a Process?

It’s not always easy to find the energy needed to do the day to day tasks that are necessary to reach your lofty goals. 

Your daily energy is finite. Which is why you can’t waste your energy on things you can’t control. 

But if you know how to develop the process over outcome skillset in the athletes or clients you coach, they will know how to direct their energy to what they can control and this decision to let go of what you can’t control will save you tons of energy you can use elsewhere.

PODCAST: The Golf MPM Podcast With Brian Cain – Episode #11 – Your Habits Reflect Your Mission

In episode #11, Brian Cain breaks down the importance of habit formation in your development as a golfer and shares multiple apps and strategies you can use to develop the habits that you and your game need to go low.

PODCAST: The Golf MPM Podcast With Brian Cain – Episode #10 – Mental Resilience

In episode #10, Cain joins St. Joseph High School Golf Coach Kevin Guzzo to talk about Mental Resilience in golf and the role that the pre-shot and post shot routine play in competing one shot at a time and how you can build resilience on the range.

PODCAST: How You Behave Determines What You Achieve

In this short “Mental Minute” podcast episode I breakdown the importance of your day to day and moment to moment behaviors and how those align with your achievements. I also share one of my favorite stories about a successful business entrepreneur who learned early enough in life the power of expectations and behaviors. Winners act like winners long before they are winners. It’s how you behave that determines what you achieve.

PODCAST: The Golf MPM Podcast With Brian Cain – Episode #9 – Phil’s Major Win

In episode #9, Brian Cain discusses the history of the 2021 PGA Championship victory by Phil Mickelson in which he became the oldest player to ever win a major.  They talk about Phil’s mindset, his use of visualization and more.

PODCAST: The Golf MPM Podcast With Brian Cain – Episode #8 – Winning Conference

In episode #8, Brian Cain breaks down the process that led to Coach Carp’s University of Denver Men’s Golf Program winning The Summit League Conference Championship and his team’s performance at the Washington Regional where they were 2 strokes away from becoming the 1st 13-see to ever make it to the NCAA National Championships.