MPM Concept – The 3 Rules of Engagement

by Brian Cain, MPM




The 30-second drill is a powerful focus exercise that can be used in specific situations where a client/athlete needs to step up her game and zero in on the task at hand.


The idea is simple:  For a short period of time you can do anything you want with your levels of attention, energy and focus.  Of course, 30 seconds in this case isn’t an exact time frame.  We’re simply using this as a verbal cue to say, You’re losing focus, zero in on the present moment and give it your all.”


To use this strategy, first introduce the 30-second drill concept to your clients, athletes or team.


Explain that if they take the time to pause, to focus on the present moment fully, they can bring more energy and more attention to what they’re doing so they can perform at their absolute best.


Advise that you will use the verbal cue “30 seconds of focus!” in your coaching to indicate that they either appear to be losing focus and need to recalibrate, or that this is a really important part of the workout/game and they need to give it everything they have.


Then, when your client loses focus during a workout or when an intense moment in the game is approaching, provide the verbal cue, “30 seconds of focus!”