Attention Golf Coaches

Mastering and coaching the mental skills your golfers need will:

  • Help you produce consistent results. You’ll be able to predictably produce the habits, behaviors, and routines your golfers need to achieve their goals and perform at a high level on a consistent basis.
  • Fill a gap in your coaching—and succeed where others fail. You know that golf is 90% mental, yet work on it less than 10% of the time in training.  I share with you exactly how to teach the mindset and mental skills that make up the difference between decent results in the short term and life-changing results and championships in the long-term.
  • Separate yourself from the competition. Good golf coaches focus on physical performance. Great golf coaches know that success begins with the right mindset, routines, habits, process and culture. By coaching the mental and physical side of performance, you’ll rise to the top of the game—and enjoy the success and influence that comes with it.

And the good news is, you don’t need a degree in Sport Psychology to do it.

Ready to level up your coaching?

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BONUS #1 – The Mental Game of Golf Book

Receive a digital copy of my book The Mental Game of Golf.  In this book I walk you through my mental performance mastery system and it’s direct application in the sport of golf.  This is the perfect tool to help you build off of what you’ve learned in the golf masterclass so you can arm yourself with the exact mental performance strategies for increased performance on the course.


BONUS #2 – Mental Imagery for Golf Audio Training Program

Receive a copy of the same mental imagery audios I share with my top professional golfers and the top collegiate and high school programs.  Now you can take your team through this powerful pre-round and pre-training exercise to make sure your minds are right to compete with confidence, one shot at a time.  Everything happens twice, first in your mind, then on the course, you make the shot before you make the shot.  Make sure you’re prepared to play your best when it means the most by training with this mental imagery audio before each and every round.

BONUS #3 – The Top 10 Daily Golf MPM Success Checklist

I give you the “Top 10 Daily Golf MPM Success Checklist” I share with my clients so they know exactly what to do on a daily basis to give themselves the best chance for success and to be sure they have and are able to work a process that delivers results day after day and year after year.

BONUS #4 – Exclusive Golf MPM Interviews

You also receive exclusive interviews I’ve been fortunate to conduct with some of the top minds in golf including Stanford Asst. Coach Trake Carpenter and Professional Golf Instructor Joshua Park.

Brian Cain brings and edge.  This is one masterclass you will want to attend if you are serious about your results as a coach.

Jason DrotterHead Men's Golf Coach, Cal State Fullerton University

If you are not investing in mental performance coaching, you are leaving a lot of shots on the course.  Brian Cain helped us create the elite mindset and a winning process for the mental game when he worked with us at Baylor.

Greg PriestFormer Head Men's Golf Coach, Baylor University
Greg Priest

Brian Cain helps give you a system for competing one shot at a time by establishing very intentional routines and processes that you can easily implement into your game.  He was a big time help to our golfers at Coastal.

Alan TerrellHead Men's Golf Coach, Dustin Johnson School of Golf
Allen Terrell

We’ve worked with Brian Cain at Marquette now for over 5 years.  He keeps getting better and better.  If you are looking for someone who will immerse himself into your program and be a resource for your staff and players in the mental game of golf, Brian Cain is the person to call.  I can’t emphasize enough how valuable he is to our program.

Stephen BaileyHead Men's Golf Coach, Marquette University

Brian worked with us at TCU and his energy, enthusiasm and passion for the mental game of golf and for people was tremendous.  He will make you better.

Angie LarkinHead Women's Golf Coach, TCU

What Brian Cain does is teaches you how to be in control of yourself so you can control your performance. He helps golfers and golf coaches master the mental game. Golf is 90% mental yet we still train physically 90% of the time. Brian helps you to train mentally so that you can be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Josh ParkProfessional Golf Coach

Brian Cain has helped me to become a better coach.  His 30 Day Mental Performace Mastery (MPM) for Athletes Program and MPM Certification are two big components of what we do at Denver.

Trake CarpenterHead Men's Golf Coach, Denver University

Competing one shot at a time is as much about the culture of your program and how you train your golfers every day as it is about what they think standing over the ball.  Brian Cain has helped me recreate and reinforce the mindset, habits and routines our golfers need to succeed on and off the course.  Working with him has been tremendous. I highly recommend his 30 Day Program and MPM Cert Course, #GameChangers.

Brad BedorthaHead Women's Golf Coach, Northern Arizona University

If you want to compete at the highest level, you need to be working the mental game. We brought in Brian to work with our team and we broke all sorts of records and at one point ascended to the #1 ranking in the country.  As a golf coach, he’s a resource you want in your corner.

Ginger BrownHead Women's Golf Coach, Mississippi State University

Join me today in The Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) Coaches Certification Course and take advantage of our Golf MPM Bonuses

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