Sean Brady’s Competitive Edge Inside the Octagon

by Brian Cain, MPM

In this episode of the Mental Performance Mastery podcast, I sit down with Sean Brady—a top ranked mixed martial artist who competes in the welterweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Sean is coming off of one of the biggest fights of his career where he dominated Kelvin Gastelum (and earned Performance Of The Night)!

Sean gives a behind-the-scenes look at his mental preparation and shares how it’s transformed his fighting career.

Episode Highlights:

    • The tipping point when Sean knew he needed a mental coach
    • How you can lose a fight before it has even started
    • Fighting not to lose vs fighting to win vs. fight cause you love to fight
    • The danger of expectations vs the freedom of execution
    • Having something to go to when it gets hard, cause it will get hard
    • The importance of fighting your fight and how ultimate effort is ultimate victory
    • The power of IDGAF
    • How to make a loss the best thing that ever happened to you
    • Where his belief comes from vs where it used to come from
    • The dangers of outcome based thinking
    • How and why he calls Success Hotline
    • How and why he listens to MPD Podcast
    • How and why he does Concentration Grids to train fight day focus
    • How and why he keeps a detailed Success Checklist
    • Why he touches Brian’s 30 Day Athletes Program on a daily basis.
    • Why he choose Brian Cain as his mental coach
    • Affirmation training and the custom affirmations he engrained into his self-talk for this fight
    • Training his affirmations with cold tank training and sauna work 
    • The importance of the deep breathe and why he uses meditation to develop mind control
    • Why he watches a mind movie as a part of his training
    • How he uses mental imagery and visualization
    • Fight day simulation and walking through the walk out in training
    • What it’s like getting inside the UFC Octagon and his pre-fight routine
    • The importance of controlling what you can control
    • Sean’s answer to the million dollar question
    • And more…

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