PODCAST: The mindset it took to become one of college basketball’s greatest players ever

by Brian Cain, MPM

Markus Howard is 21st in all-time NCAA basketball scoring.  He is the Big East Conference’s leader in all-time scoring and their player of the year in 2018-2019. 

Howard is one of the most impressive players of all time, yet equally if not more impressive is what he does off the court to prepare. 

In this podcast Markus shares the mental performance strategies he used as a player and shares what he’s doing during the Covid-19 pandemic to prepare for a professional career.

Also be sure to go behind the scenes with Markus and get an inside look at one of the mental performance drills he does daily to help him stay calm, connected to the present and in control of himself so he can control his performance.

This episode of the Mental Performance Mastery podcast is available on all podcasting platforms as well as Apple and Spotify.

You can connect with Markus on Instagram @Markus.Howard and on X @MarkusHoward11.  

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