Welcome to the MPM Coaches Certification Insider’s List

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As professionals who’ve been in the “game” for a while, we know that to become the best coach, you have to be dedicated to constantly improving your craft.

There’s no shortage of courses, degree programs, and certifications out there to help you coach the fundamentals, improve teamwork, master exercise technique, or write better strength and conditioning programs.

But knowing how to coach and master the mental side of performance is a huge gap in the industry—and it’s something no one’s teaching. 

And anytime there is a gap like this, it means two things you can’t ignore:

  1. You might be missing a crucial element in your coaching that’s limiting your success (and the success of those you coach)
  2. There is a HUGE opportunity for you to separate yourself from the competition by mastering this overlooked skill set.

That’s why I’m excited you’re here.

My goal is to help you master and teach the mental skills your athletes need to succeed so you can take your coaching—and the results of those you work with—to the next level.

After years of teaching and coaching, I’ve decided to compile everything I’ve learned about mental performance into one complete, practical, self-study system.

It’s called the Mental Performance Mastery Certification, and it’s opening for a limited time in November 2024. 

The best part: Because you’re on the Insider’s List, you’re going to save $200 on the cost of the certification when it opens. It’s my way of saying “thank you!” for taking action, and for investing in yourself and your education.

That takes guts—and a drive to be the best you can be. And honestly, we need more coaches like you. So thanks for being here.

I’ll be in touch as we get closer to the launch date with specific instructions about how you can join the Mental Performance Mastery Certification, so be on the lookout for that.

Talk soon,