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Mastering and teaching the mental skills your clients and athletes need will:

  • Help you produce consistent results. You’ll be able to predictably produce the habits, behaviors, and routines your clients need to achieve goals and perform at a high level—even when it’s hard.
  • Fill a gap in your coaching—and succeed where others fail. You’ll know how to teach the mindset and mental skills that make up the difference between decent results in the short term and life-changing results in the long-term.
  • Separate yourself from the competition. Good coaches focus on physical performance. Great coaches know that success begins with the mind. By coaching the mental and physical side of performance, you’ll rise to the top of your field—and enjoy the success and influence that comes with it.

And the good news is, you don’t need a degree in Sport Psychology to do it.

Let me show you how mastering the mental side of performance can radically change the kind of results you get with your athletes—and the kind of culture you create in your business or team.

Yes, I want instant access to The Mental Performance Mastery Certification

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“Love the MPM training and strategies to use with my athletes and even students in the classroom. This program is something that they are buying into. Now that my athletes know I have completed the training their buy in is even higher than it was before. They are seeing me walk the walk and talk and talk and they are now working to do the same.”

Tiffany Ziegler, MPMMental Performance Mastery (MPM) Certified Coach

Brian Cain has completely changed the way I do my job as a high school athletic director. His systems and strategies around culture, time management, routines, habits, leadership, motivation and commitment have allowed me to get out from behind the desk and get more involved with mentoring and leading our coaches and athletes.

As athletic directors it’s so easy to get stuck behind a desk pushing paper, we need to create the systems to help us get up and push our people to become their best. The only way to do that is be the best you that you can be and Cain’s pillars of mental performance allow you to do just that.

Chris Lavoie, MPMAthletic Director & Mental Performance Coach, Tampa Prep

We have used [Brian] Cain and his mental performance system with Yale Lacrosse since 2009.  His teachings have helped us win multiple Ivy League Titles and the 2018 NCAA National Championship.  Without a mental game system, we are without these titles.

Andy Shay, MPMHead Lacrosse Coach, Yale University

[Brian] Cain has been a part of our program since 2013. He helps our coaches and athletes to simplify the game to winning the next pitch and gives us the tools as to how to manage the adversity.

His coaching has helped us become better coaches and has be a huge part of our 5 straight ACC titles (2014-2018) and our 2018 NCAA National Championship.

Lonni Alameda, MPMHead Softball Coach, Florida State University

Cain’s 10 pillars of peak mental performance really help simplify what you need to know as an athlete to give yourself the best chance for success in the mental game.

Coaches teach 90% of the time on the physical aspects of the sport, Cain’s program helps bring more awareness and strategy to mental side of the game in a simple and systematic way so that any coach can improve coaching the mental game.

Lyndsey Fry, MPM2014 Team USA Women’s Hockey Silver Medalist; Director of Small Fry’s Hockey Program

I took a class on mental performance that [Brian Cain] taught at The University of Vermont. I got more out of [Brian’s] class than any workshop or clinic I have attended in my 35+ year career in athletic administration.

I taught his principles to our coaches and athletes on a daily basis and their performance improvement was very noticeable. They had something to go to.

If you are a coach or personal trainer and you want to provide coaching that will change your clients lives, you need to coach the mental game and Cain has a program to show you how.

Michael O'Day, CMMA, MPMAthletic Director, South Burlington High School, VT - NIAAA National Award Winner

We continue to talk about [mental performance] pillars and work the mental game into practice daily. We went 26-8 last year and lost 5 games by 1 run.

This year we have focused on the process more as opposed to being results-oriented and even though my team wasn’t as talented as last year’s group… we are 23-7 (we’ve won 5 games by 1 run) and won the district title going 15-1.

It’s our 1st district title since 2012. I have you [Brian] to thank as your work has helped me shape my philosophy and rebuild our culture and mindset.

Nick Ozuna, MPMHead Baseball Coach, Bellair High School

I was always right on the cusp of winning a world championship and just couldn’t get over the mental hump. I thought I was working on my mental game, I was reading, watching YouTube videos and listening to podcasts. I was hearing information, I wasn’t applying a system to my mental game.

Working with [Brian] Cain helped me to create a simple mental game system centered around routines, mental imagery and preparation and a “Next Play” mentality that helped me to win The Women’s Professional Rodeo Association World Championship in Tie Down Calf Roping in 2016.

To be the best in the world at what you do, you need to have an elite mindset and the routines and habits of excellence to give you the best chance for success.

Donene Taylor, MPMDonene Taylor, MPM

I worked with [Brian] Cain when I was fighting for the UFC. His mental training principles around mental imagery, routines, self-control and awareness and motivation and commitment had huge impact on my performance. I now use his teachings everyday with my clients at Gym Jones.

If you are not coaching the mental game, you are not going to get the best results you can as a coach. Cain’s program is simple, systematic and exactly what coaches and trainers need to start increasing results in their clients.

Bobby Maximus, MPMFormer UFC fighter, Trainer & Author of "The Maximus Body"

“The MPM Certification has helped me give specific instructions and examples to my athletes and students on how to have an Elite Mindset! I keep different things on my board and go over with my kids each day, such as BFS and today+today+today= your results. I think it’s awesome!”

Drew Hall, MPMMental Performance Mastery (MPM) Certified Coach

“When I registered for your course, I had NO intentions of working with athletes. Currently, I coach clients with drug, alcohol and other addictive & destructive behaviors. The biggest trigger resulting in return to these destructive behaviors is between their ears. I’ve been fortunate enough to incorporate many modalities in therapy including Cognitive Behavior, Mindfulness, Yoga,  EFT Tapping and hypnotherapy. Without a doubt, your curriculum is by far the best. I’m grateful that you’ve taken the time to compile your knowledge and share with us. Putting these pillars into practical application in my field is going to save lives!

Lisa Hickey, MPM

“I played Major League Baseball and then went back and did a Masters Degree in Sport Psychology.  What you get with Brian Cain’s MPM Coaches Certification is far better than what I got with my degree program.  In The MPM Certification Brian teaches you want to actually do.  It’s completely focused on application and how to coach mental performance.  This is the best mental performance training program available for coaches and is what I teach in my position as the director of mental performance with the Atlanta Braves.”

Zach Sorensen, MPMDirector of Mental Performance, Atlanta Braves

“The MPM Certification has helped me better reach the hours my clients are not with me. Helping them get out of a funk and back on track as well. Overall it has made me a more confident coach and my clients are seeing longer lasting results. The tools and assessments are amazing!”

Brad Webb, MPMPersonal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach

“The MPM Certification has helped me become better and more knowledgeable on the mental game. I have read/listened/studied quite a bit of Brian’s material in the past, however this certification is the ultimate resource for learning the mental game. I feel more confident than even in teaching and discussing the mental game.”

Kevin Guzzo, MPMHigh School Athletic Director

Yes, I want instant access to The Mental Performance Mastery Certification

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12 Monthly Payments of $79.00/mo

(That's just $2.59 a day)

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