Build STRONGER Routines, Habits and Focus with This APP

I want to share with you the #1 APP I have found for building routines nad habits of excellence as well as focus and awareness.  

This app is a CRITICAL part of The 4 Step Goal Formula.

1. Set an intention

2. Schedule when you will execute on that intention

3. Measure your daily behavior and action towards executing on that intention

4. R&R – Reflect and refocus using the Well Better How process.

Look, I hear from coaches and athletes all the time about their BIG goals and see more often than not that they FAIL TO TAKE the SMALL ACTION needed daily to achieve those BIG GOALS.

To close the gap from where you at to where you want to be you must…

  • Be Brilliant At The Basics
  • Establish Routines & Habits of Excellence
  • Have Daily Execution
  • Reverse Engineer Your Telescope Goals into Microscope Goals
  • WORK The 4 Step Goal Formula
  • Walk The Walk vs. Just Talk The Talk
  • Realize That Measurement = Motivation
  • Get Analytics of YOUR Behavior 
  • Know That Nothing Changes Until Something Changes With What You Do Daily
  • Understand That it’s The Start That Stops Most People

Now, This video will show you exactly how to get what you’ve been looking for, but falling short of.  

As always, I’m here to help. Please reply to this email with any questions or comments and start living with more intention. 

It might be the most beneficial thing you ever do in your life. I know it has been for me, that’s why I’s so fired up to share this process with you.

Dominate the day!