Looking To Get Some?
The World’s First and Only Golfathalon

The PineMan 70.3

4 Mile Run
30 Mile Bike
.3 Mile Swim
36 Holes of Championship Golf


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

11:00pm or Earlier – Arrive PHX

11:00-1:00pm Drive To Payson, Arizona – Cain’s House at Chaparral Pines

2:00-6:00pm Play 18 Holes at Chaparral Pines (Round of 18 is about $100… Be ready to play ROUNDS…)

6:00-8:00pm Dinner at Fargo’s Steakhouse

8:30pm Lights Out


Thursday, September 17, 2020 | THE PINEMAN 70.3

4:00am Wake Up

4:30-5:30am Run 4 Miles

5:30-7:30am Bike 30 Miles

7:30-8:30am Swim .3 Miles at The Rim

9:30-1:30pm Golf 1-18 at The Rim Club ($100)

1:30-5:30pm Golf 19-26 at The Rim Club ($100)

6:30-8:00pm Dinner at Chaparral Pines (Confirmed Outside)

8:30pm Lights Out


Friday, September 18, 2020 | THE RIMMAN 140.6 (Must Have Completed PineMan The Previous Day)

4:00am Wake Up

4:30-5:30am Run 4 Miles

5:30-7:30am Bike 30 Miles

7:30-8:30am Swim .3 Miles at Chaparral Pines

9:50-1:50pm Golf 1-18 at Chaparral Pines ($100)

1:50-5:50pm Golf 19-36 at Chaparral Pines ($100)

7:00-9:00pm Dinner at Chaparral Pines (Reservation 7pm – Inside)

9:30pm Lights Out

Saturday, September 19, 2020 | The 42 Hole Birthday Bash

TBD Wake Up

8:30-12:30pm Golf 1-18 at The Rim Club ($100)

1:30-5:30pm Golf 19-36 at Chaparral Pines ($100)

5:30-6:45pm Golf 37-42 at Chaparral Pines

6:45-8:00pm Dinner Ole Country Pizza Palace

Sunday, September 20, 2020 | Cain Turns 42


Since attending two of your  Events, our school, our team and my life have never been the same.  I can’t thank you enough for simplifying mindset, leadership and culture for me so I could simplify it for our coaches and athletes.

Randy Jackson, MPMAthletic Director and Football Coach, TX

Brian Cain has completely changed the way I do my job as a high school athletic director. His events will change your life.

Chris Lavoie, MPMAthletic Director, FL

Attending Brian Cain’s Event in Vegas was a career changer for me.”

Colton Monti, MPMAthletic Director, WA

“I Love Brian Cain and his Events.  You want to attend The Pineman 70.3.”

Ellie Cooper, MPMNCAA Softball Championship Coach, Florida State University

“Did you say Cain and event in the same sentence… Sign me up.”

James MortonHead Football Coach & AD, Midland TX

We have used [Brian] Cain and his mental performance system with Yale Lacrosse since 2009.  His teachings have helped us win multiple Ivy League Titles and the 2018 NCAA National Championship.  Without a mental game system, we are without these titles.  Mind you, Yale doesn’t have athletic scholarships.  We focus on process, not excuse and that’s a big part of why we have become the top program in the nation.

Andy Shay, MPMYale University Lacrosse Coach

I went to Brian’s  Event in Texas and I got more out of that time than any workshop or clinic I have attended in my 35+ year career in athletic administration.

Rusty Beam, MPMHigh School Baseball Coach at AD, Texas

[Brian] Cain has been a part of our program since 2013. He helps our coaches and athletes to simplify the game to winning the next pitch and gives us the tools as to how to manage the adversity.

His coaching has helped us become better coaches and has be a huge part of our 5 straight ACC titles (2014-2018) and our 2018 NCAA National Championship.

Lonni Alameda, MPMHead Softball Coach, Florida State University

Cain’s 10 pillars of peak mental performance really help simplify what you need to know as an athlete to give yourself the best chance for success in the mental game.

Coaches teach 90% of the time on the physical aspects of the sport, Cain’s program helps bring more awareness and strategy to mental side of the game in a simple and systematic way so that any coach can improve coaching the mental game.  His mental training was a big part of my success as an Olympian and continues to be as I direct Small Fry’s Hockey.

Lyndsey Fry, MPM2014 Team USA Women’s Hockey Silver Medalist; Director of Small Fry’s Hockey Program