MPM Level II Group Coaching
& Mentorship Program

Work directly with Brian Cain, MPM and other top MPM Certified Coaches to generate more influence, impact and income as you take your MPM Coaching skillset, business and brand to the next level

Now that you’re MPM Certified.. What’s your next best move?

As a MPM Certified Coach, you may be wondering, “what’s the next step for me when it comes to building my brand, enhancing my business, getting new clients and taking my MPM coaching skill set to the next level”?

I can relate.  I was in that space for a long time and I’ve come to realize that there are 3 critical steps you must master when building your MPM Coaching practice.

STEP #1 – Become MPM Certified and master the 10 Pillars of Mental Performance Mastery

STEP #2 – Deliver the MPM skills and content in your own unique and authentic way, specifically niched for your clients that keeps them educated, empowered and energized.

STEP #3 – Effectively brand and market yourself with the right strategies and processes so you can speed up your learning curve and generate more influence, impact and income in the MPM coaching space.

When I created the MPM Certification, the focus was on STEP #1 teaching you how to master the 10 pillars of MPM so that you could apply this skillset in your coaching.

What I’ve heard from our MPM coaches since becoming certified is that not only are you seeing great results from the program, you want more.

(#1) YOU WANT MORE strategy for coaching MPM and how to most effectively use what’s in the MPM Certification with your clients and athletes

(#2) YOU WANT MORE strategy for building your MPM business, brand and getting clients

(#3) YOU WANT MORE opportunity for Q&A in a mentorship and group coaching format with myself and other highly motivated MPM Coaches where we can talk strategy, do observation of my MPM Coaching (I was able to get 2 years of this with Dr. Ken Ravizza on a daily basis and I feel like THAT’S been HUGE for my career, to have seen my mentor coach and do what he did with his clients and athletes) and more.

I have been there, trying to build a successful MPM coaching practice by doing what I THOUGHT was right, working hard, churning out books and products, posting on social media multiple times a day, all while not getting the results I wanted…

Then I hired the right coach and found the right mentor who changed everything for me.

Knowing exactly what to do, how and when to do it in order to help your clients get the results they are lacking, to build the business you want and to have someone in your corner to help you stay on the path with accountability, strategy and support.

Well… we both know it’s the start that stops most people, for you, you’r clients and ME.

That’s why today I am JACKED to announce that I am finally prepared to open up my MPM Level II Group Coaching & Mentorship Program.

Introducing the MPM Level II Group Coaching & Mentorship Program

The first group coaching and mentorship program for MPM Certified coaches who want more…

Coaches who want to master the mental skills that fuel performance…

Coaches who want to become the expert on building the habits, behaviors, and routines that their clients and athletes need to overcome mental barriers and achieve their goals.

Coaches who want to…

Master the coaching strategies and skills you need to:

  • Get started applying and enhancing what you know about MPM with your clients to produce more consistent results. You’ll be confidently know what to do and when while coaching MPM with your clients so that you can get your clients to achieve their goals and perform at a high level.
  • Build your business and brand—getting clients and succeeding where others fail. You’ll know how separate yourself from the competition by building your business and brand as well as getting 1-1 coaching clients, team consulting opportunities and keynote speaking engagements to teach the mindset and mental skills that make up the difference between decent results in the short term and life-changing results in the long-term.
  • Gain practical experience and observation opportunities. Good coaches try to do it all themselves. Great coaches know that success leaves clues and that the fast track to success begins with having a coach and mentor to show you the way so you can quickly rise to the top of your field—and enjoy the success and influence that comes with it.

Who is this opportunity for and what’s my commitment if I want to join?

This opportunity is for MPM Certified Coaches ONLY… If you are NOT currently MPM Certified and somehow reading this… Please click here to begin your journey, you are not yet ready for the LEVEL II MPM Mentorship & Group Coaching.

However, if you are MPM Certified already, I am excited to personally invite you to join me in a group coaching and mentorship program that will radically change the kind of results you get with your clients, the kind of coach you become and how you run your MPM coaching business.

This inaugural MPM Level II Group Coaching & Mentorship Program is available to only 10-20 MPM Certified coaches at a time.

I am capping the group at 10-20 to keep the group intimate and so I can direct my full attention to the select few who are ready to take massive action.

The mentorship will be a 3 month commitment starting in February 2021 and run for 3 months through May 2021.

The financial investment for my 1-1 coaching is $500 an hour, however for this group coaching and mentorship program, it’s only $1,997 total for the entire 3 month program.

The program consists of weekly 90minute group coaching and mentorship sessions (over zoom) daily communications (over slack, we use this like text).

You will be paired with an accountability partner(s)and given weekly assignments to help grow your coaching and coaching business skills as well as opportunities for observation of my team consulting, keynote speaking and 1-1 coaching opportunities when available.

Spots are limited and available by application only.

MPM Level II Group Coaching
& Mentorship Program

Work directly with Brian Cain, MPM and other top MPM Certified Coaches to generate more influence, impact and income as you take your MPM Coaching skillset, business and brand to the next level

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What top MPM Certified coaches are saying about Brian Cain’s MPM Level II Group Coaching & Mentorship Program

“The MPM Level II Group Coaching & Mentorship that you get with Brian Cain is simply unmatched.  Having access to his experience, his network and his training in a small group setting on a weekly basis will completely change your coaching career and your life.  If it wasn’t for my mentorship with (Brian) Cain I’d have never been hired 2x in Major League Baseball as a mental performance coach and I sure wouldn’t have known what to do once I was hired.  He has taken every phone call along the way and helped me more times that I can count with situations I was in for the first time.  If you are serious about taking your MPM Coaching to the next level, this is an invitation you don’t want to pass on.”

Zach Sorensen, MPMAtlanta Braves, Director of Mental Performance

“The mentorship that I received from (Brian) Cain helped me to jump start my MPM coaching career and gain my first clients.  I now have a client list that includes The University of Notre Dame, The Univeristy of Oklahoma and more.  I’ve traveled internationally and spoke all over the globe.  Cain helped me fill a huge void left by my sport psychology masters degree program.  Being able to observe him when he was working with coaches and athletes and being able to see him do the work helped me to create my own style and gain the confidence that I needed to start building my own MPM coaching practice.”

Tyler Pazik, MPMPazik Performance Group

“What you get from Brian Cain is the real deal.  This guy is ALL IN.  I’ve taken what I’ve learned from him, his group coaching and mentorship and used it to help launch the No Filter Network.  Cain knows what it takes, he has done it and continues to set the standard in the field of mental performance coaching.”

Eric Byrnes, MPMLet Them Play, LLC

“From my personal coaching with Brian Cain, I’ve been able to secure a $15K keynote speaking engagement and a $30K coaching client.  This would have been impossible without his coaching and mentorship.  This is an investment that you will see a HUGE return on… quickly!”

Todd Cetnar, MPMCEO, Centar Consulting Group

“Working with Brian eliminates the guessing game.  His two decades of experience in the field of mental performance coaching and his willingness to share what he’s learned, his successes and failures is invaluable to someone starting out.”

Lyndsey Fry, MPMCEO, Lyndsey Fry Hockey - 2014 Olympic Silver Medalist

How to Become a More Effective MPM Coach—Generate More Impact, Influence and Income while Helping Athletes Overcome Any Mental Obstacle with Confidence…

Every day, I hear from frustrated MPM Coaches who ask some variation of the same question…

  • Now that I am MPM Certified, how do I go about getting clients, marketing my services, getting paid and building my business?
  • How much should I be charging for 1-1 coaching, group coaching. keynote speaking or team seminars?
  • What should my business and brand look like online?
  • What are the key components of my website?
  • How can I get my clients to buy into what I am teaching them in MPM?
  • When should I?  How should I?  Would you? ETC.

IN OTHER WORDS: Now that I am MPM Certified and have started using what’s in the MPM Certification with myself and my clients, I realize that I love doing this work and I want more, I have questions and I want your help.

I love helping MPM Coaches achieve their goals, especially.  It’s why I offer our monthly BONUS call for MPM Coaches.  I don’t get paid to do it, it’s not a part of the MPM Certification, I GENUINELY ENJOY doing them and serving our MPM Coaches.

I know this… there is one guarantee in life… I am NOT making it out of here alive.  I can’t take what I have learned and what I have experienced with me and what I have learned and experienced is ONLY as valuable as it is in enhancing the lives of others.

I wish I had the time needed to answer all of the emails, texts and phones calls I get from our MPM Coaches and from potential clients looking for my services.

There just isn’t enough time in a day!

This is a BIG part of why I want to do the MPM Level II Group Coaching & Mentorship Program… The world needs more certified, qualified and energized MPM Coaches and I realize there is a gap that exists in knowing what you know and then knowing how and when to apply what you know and an even greater gap exists in knowing how to get in front of people so you can generate the impact, influence and income you want.

Look, there are a lot of motivational speakers, life coaches and people out there who have good intentions, good content and can help their clients and athletes get stronger, leaner, and better conditioned.

But at the end of the day, many of them will be left with the nagging feeling that something’s missing

That they are spinning in circles with no specific proven strategy and plan to build their business and brand and to close the gap from where they are too where they want to be.

They will have a lot of ideas and maybe even a lot of motivation, but they will always lack results because they keep running in circles chasing the latest idea vs. moving in a direct path towards where they want to go.

After working with thousands of coaches, trainers, and athletes in all sports, at all levels, I’ve come to an overwhelming conclusion:

The BIGGEST PROBLEM in coaching is that most coaches and trainers don’t have a specific strategy for building their business and brand, don’t have a group or mentorship structure for support and accountability where they can share their goals and plans and get quality feddback and they don’t know how to help the people they coach develop the mental skill set it takes to consistently be at their best, reach their goals, and achieve long-term success.

And the reason WHY is simple… because they haven’t been able to see anyone do it before.

They are living and working on an island by themselves.


I’ve spent over a decade creating and testing a proven system for developing mental performance mastery and you’re trained in that system.

The 10 Pillars of Mental Performance Mastery is that system… yet knowing the system and knowing how and when to apply it with confidence, and how to generate influence, impact and income with what you know is a lot like an onion.

the onion has MANY, MANY Layers till you get to the core…

I’m not here to tell you that the Level II MPM Mentorship is for you, I think it is, that’s why I’ve invited you here and hand picked you as one of the select few MPM Coaches I am sending this to.

I’m not telling you that it will be easy or that even you can do it… I don’t know your drive, work ethic and commitment.

But I do know this… I can help you add jet fuel to your MPM Coaching fire and as your coach and mentor, I can help you close the gap from where you are to where you want to be with system, strategy and support.

And now, for the first time ever, I’m making it available to you, for a limited time only…

I like those who act fast and are decisive…

If you are still thinking, is this for me… it’s probably NOT.

You probably don’t have what it takes…

I’m not going to sugar coat and I’m not going to try to convince you that this is for you…

I just going to let you know what we are doing and if you want to get after it with a group of elite MPM Coaches, let’s GET AFTER IT!!!


How The Level II MPM Group Coaching & Mentorship Program Works…

Since launching the first MPM Certification class in Nov. 2018, I’ve done 1-1 coaching with some of our MPM Coaches, like the ones you read abouve above… It’s clear that our MPM Coaches want more.

My 1-1 coaching is $500 per hour.  I realize this is above the budget or a lot of people and unfortunately prevents me from working with a lot of potential clients who might not be able to afford my 1-1 coaching.

However, the results from my 1-1 coaching program continue to remind me that I am under charging for my hourly rate.

5 UFC Champions, a Hesiman Trophy Winner, 3 MLB Cy Young Award Winners, CEO’s who keep climbing the corporate ladder and MPM Coaches who are getting hired to do the work at the highest level of professional sports and earning 15-30K for speaking engagements.

I’ve mentored olympic medalists, NCAA Coaches who are getting hired for the head coaching jobs of their dreams… all of this is a reminder that what I am doing works… when you work it.

My goal with the MPM Level II Mentorship program is that for the cost of 1 Hr of 1-1 Coaching per month, you get 1 Hour+ a week of MPM Mentorship and coaching with a select few  other highly motivated and committed MPM Coaches.

We create a synergy and a team that together allows high water to raise all boats and  to help iron sharpen iron.

I see it everyday from our MPM Coaches… you are asking me THE SAME QUESTIONS and are at THE SAME PLACE as many other MPM Coaches…

The MPM Level II Mentorship is my way of bringing us all together on a weekly basis for 3 months for only $1,997 to help you take your MPM Coaching to the next level so you can generate more influence, impact and income while doing the work you love.

Mental performance is what ultimately drives our behaviors, habits, and routines.

And as the competition continues to grow, as the pandemic doesn’t seem to being going away any time soon, as our lives become bombarded with more and more distraction and stress, mastering the skill of mental performance coaching is something you simply can’t ignore.

That’s why I want to share my experience, systems and strategies with you in person on a weekly basis for 3 months, so that you can help fill the void in the mental performance coaching space.

Right now, in the middle of a pandemic, social injustice and political upheaval, mental performance skills are the skills people are lacking the most and are the skills they need to navigate the challenges that are in front of us.

What You Learn In The MPM Level II Group Coaching & Mentorship Program

My plan, and it will adjust based on what specifically you and the other MPM coaches would like to learn, will look like this below, focusing on 3 key areas of development:

KEY AREA #1 – Business Development Strategies

  • Consistent branding guidelines so you have the confidence and consistency you need to build the brand you want
  • A functional and profitable website that converts visitors into customers
  • A simple and strategic a customer journey so you know where you are taking your clients to maximize their production and profit
  • Lead generation content development and delivery
  • Pricing structure for all of your coaching services so you can communicate with confidence and get what you’re worth
  • Product development ideas so you can generate income online while you sleep
  • Keynote speaking, workshop and seminar topics, outlines and delivery so you can speak with confidence and move any group to action
  • A deeper understanding of tools and technology to make your coaching life easier, more efficient and effective.


KEY AREA #2 – MPM Coaching Experience and Resource Building

  • Deeper understanding of 10 pillars application to your coaching
  • Understanding and of how to custom create meditation and mental imagery audios that you can use with your clients
  • Enhanced presentation and public speaking strategies so you can stand and deliver your MPM program with confidence and connection to your audience
  • Complete access to Brian Cain’s 10 Pillars of MPM digital content library, 20+ years in the making


KEY AREA #3 – Consistent Accountability, Support and Continuing Education From Brian Cain and The Other MPM Group Coaches

  • Boat Crew structure for accountability and support
  • Swim Buddy structure for 1-1 daily communication and connection
  • Guest speakers and Q&A, observation opportunities with Cain’s clients
  • Observation of Brian’s keynote speaking, team consulting and 1-1 coaching opportunities

What top MPM Certified coaches are saying about Brian Cain’s MPM Level II Group Coaching & Mentorship Program

As a former Major League Baseball player, I can assure you, with 100% certainty, that what separates great players and coaches from good ones is their ability to work the mental game. Period.  If you value getting optimal results from yourself or your team, there is no excuse not to invest in your mental performance abilities. The MPM Level II Group Coaching and Mentorship Program takes the MPM Certification to an entire new level.  Getting to see Cain coach over zoom was totally eye opening.  When he shared his systems for business development and branding, it shaved years off my learning curve.”

Jonah Bayliss, MPMProve Yourself Right Mental Performance Coaching

“I’ve worked with Brian as a college softball player at Florida State, as a college softball coach at East Carolina and now as an entrepreneur and mental performance coach, our work together is only intensifying and becoming more and more amazing.  Brian makes himself available and invests into those who invest into themselves through his coaching.”

Ellie Cooper, MPM

“I have one HUGE regret from your training… I didn’t do it sooner. The MPM Level II Group Coaching and Mentorship has changed my life and the lives of those around me. It’s having an impact on generations. You gave me motivation and more importantly you gave me the tools to stay motivated and how to help others do the same.”

Jonathan Meyer, MPMLewis County, WA

“Brian, out of the three certifications I completed this year as it pertains to coaching this is by far the best certification program I have ever been a part of. Thank you for making me a better coach.”

Anthony Mason, MPMWaldorf, MD

What are the exact start and end dates of this inaugural Level II MPM Group Coaching and Mentorship Program?

We will start with a BONUS Coach Call over zoom on in the February once we get our class of 10-20 secured.

As soon as we have our class of 10-20, we will begin that week.

We will roll together weekly for 3 months and there will be multiple opportunities for observation during each week with our weekly call.

I see this ideally happening from 6:30-8:00pm EST on Sunday’s from Sunday, February 21, 2021 -> Sunday, May 23, 2021. 

13 Rock Solid Weeks + and Relationships and Experience That Last’s a Lifetime… (Call dates and times are subject to change based on who joins, where they live – we have a lot of international coaches and what I may experience for travel…)

All of our calls will be recorded and sent out immediately after the call for you to add to your coaching library and to have to review in the future.

How do I get started in the MPM Level II Group Coaching and Mentorship Program?

I can help you answer these questions (and many more just like them).

If this sounds like it’s for you and you have $1,997 to invest for this 3 month coaching process, please fill out the form below and I will be in touch soon with more details and to make sure this is a good fit for you.

This is a selective invitation for selective MPM coaches who know that the key to winning more is becoming more and a group of coaches who want to invest into the development of themselves, their business and their coaching skills.

Please fill out the form below so we can get started ASAP.

MPM Level II Group Coaching
& Mentorship Program

Work directly with Brian Cain, MPM and other top MPM Certified Coaches to generate more influence, impact and income as you take your MPM Coaching skillset, business and brand to the next level

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(Q) What if I can’t make it to a call?

(A) No problem, we will record all of the calls and send them out to you that night via e-mail so that you have access to them.  We believe in the power of repetition and even if you are on the calls, you will want to review the call recording each week more than once so you can master the mental game system you will be learning.


(Q) Can I invite people in my coaching group into this program?

(A)  This program is intentionally caped at 10-20 coaches.  When you join, you are joining as an individual coach.


(Q) Is Brian Cain on every call or does he have any of his team members do these?

(A) Yes, I will be on every call AND will utilize his network of MPM Coaches, sport team coaches, trainers and athletes so that you get the total experience. 


(Q) I see that Brian works with the who’s who of coaches, I’m just getting started and actually don’t have any clients yet, will this be of any benefit for me?

(A) 1000% – Just being on the coaching calls alone is worth the $1,997 investment.  To get Brian for a 1-1 call is at least $500 an hour and when you can join a group call with other top coaches that exponentiates the value of the call.