The Clarity, Accountability, and Support You Need to…

Perform Your Best When It Means the Most This Season

Does this sound familiar?

    • “My on field performance is negatively effecting my life off the field because I can’t turn it off after games.
    • “I need to be more consistent both on and off the field.”
    • “I want to compete with more confidence.”
    • “I know that I’ve got more in the tank—can do it at AA and AAA but I can’t quite seem to get it all to click in The Show.”
    • “I’m inconsistent with being able to throw strikes and fill up the zone as often as I want to.”
    • “I know what to do in the mental game, but I’m just not executing it well enough because I’m trying to do it on my own.”
    • “I don’t use my organization’s mental performance coach because they are paid by the organization and what I share will end up finding it’s way to the front office.”
    • “I know the mental game is important, but I am not intentionally working on it like I do my conditioning, swing, or pitching mechanics.”
    • I’m playing well, but I know the best players in the game work with a mental performance coach—maybe I should do that proactively versus waiting till I struggle.”

Who Is Brian Cain?

Over the past two decades, I’ve had the honor & privilege to work with some of baseball’s top coaches, players, and teams including:

  • Mentored 4 Cy Young Award winners.
  • Coached World Series champions, All-Stars, Rookie of The Year, Gold Glove winners, and members of the 20-20 & 30-30 clubs.
  • Worked with college programs who dog pile in Omaha, Team USA, and athletes in other major sports including the NFL, NHL PGA, a Heisman Trophy winner, and 8 UFC World Champions (including Georges St-Pierre).
  • And over 1000+ players selected in the MLB Draft.

Hear What Other Athletes Are Saying

When the best of the best baseball players in the world want to take their mental performance to the next level and get an edge on the competition…they come to me.

Through my 20+ years of mental performance coaching, I’ve studied what the world’s top performers do & how they do it.

I’ve distilled that down into 10 fundamental, trainable skills that call the 10 Pillars of Mental Performance Mastery (MPM).

The 10 Pillars are a proven system that I have developed over my career, building off my mentorship from the greatest mental game of baseball coach ever—in Dr. Ken Ravizza—that will teach you how to train the mental skills needed to perform at your best this season.

A common denominator amongst the best players in the world is they have something to go to when it gets hard. The 10 Pillars of Mental Performance Mastery are your tools that help you be in control of yourself so you can control your performance.

I’m excited to share my experience so that you can become the best player you can be!

Bottom line: My 1-on-1 MPM coaching program for professional baseball players is the fastest, most effective way to develop the mental skills you need to get your WAR to 5, play your best when it means the most, make it to and stay in the big leagues, and GET PAID!

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How It Works

Total Immersion: We’ll sit down ASAP before Spring Training—either at my house in Arizona or virtually—allowing me to understand your goals, motivations, what you want to accomplish during the 2024 season, and beyond! This will help us lay the foundation so we can start building your customer MPM training plan before the season starts.

Clarity: After the total immersion and assessment, I’ll design a custom mental performance training program so you can develop the skills necessary to accomplish your goals. Playing with confidence, slowing the game down, taking it one pitch at a time, dialing in your routines, etc… I’ll give you a plan just like a strength coach would give you a workout plan with the exact exercises, sets, reps, intensity—to get you dialed in and in the best place of your career when it comes to the mental game.

Spaced Repetition: Consistency is the name of the game in baseball. As we get closer to Spring Training and Opening Day, we’ll settle into a weekly coaching call routine that fits your schedule and needs. This will help us stay the course and make adjustments along the way—custom to you and your performance.

Accountability:  We’ll maintain a scientific approach throughout the season by making sure that your customized player development plan is working for YOU! That means we’ll incorporate mental performance data and analytics throughout the season, break down your in-game routines and create a dialed in pre and post game routines so you can continue focus on what works for YOU and eliminate what isn’t working (for you).

Access to Industry Experts:  You’ll also get access to my network of baseball specific industry experts and coaches as you need it—so you can be sure you have the best personal team at your disposal. Whether you are at the top of your game, on the IL, traded, or up for free agency—your team is working for YOU, not against you. This allows you to stay on the cutting edge of baseball performance and eliminate the guesswork.

Performance Reviews:  We’ll breakdown your in-game performances and outings during our weekly coaching calls so you can see what you’re doing well, what needs work, and how we can work together to make adjustments.

Visualize Your Success:  Everything happens twice, first in your mind then in reality. My team and I will create custom mind movies and mental imagery audios to help you see your success (before it happens). This is your very own highlight reel that’s adjusted in real-time throughout the course of the season—so that you can see yourself playing your best on a daily basis.

Confidentiality You Can Trust:  Everything we do stays in-house. Enjoy the freedom and safety of a confidential environment where you can openly address your challenges, leading to genuine, unfiltered growth. So you can focus on what you need to do to play your best without the worry of information leaking to managers or the front office or worrying about who you will work with when you get traded, etc. Wherever you go in your career, we are there with you. WE WORK FOR YOU!

Don’t Just Take It From Me…

Hear What Other Players Are Saying

The MPM Coaching Philosophy

Everything we do is based around the 10 Pillars of Mental Performance Mastery, the 10 skills you need to develop to have the mental toughness you need to perform at your best consistently. The 10 Pillars are a system for achieving that winning edge that has been called the “missing link” in baseball performance. Everyone says baseball is 90% mental, but nobody formally trains the mental game—unless they are working with me—we do that and the results speak for themselves.

PILLAR #1 – Elite Mindset

Lacking the right mindset allows doubt to creep in and the thought that you don’t have the necessary mental toughness for success. However, developing an elite mindset transforms your perspective, creates confidence like you have never had and helps turn adversity into your advantage. By learning how to train your mindset, you’ll overcome the mental obstacles and failure that are a huge part of baseball—allowing yourself to tap into your true potential and achieve the results you’ve worked the majority of your life for but haven’t yet accomplished.

PILLAR #2 – Motivation and Commitment

Achieving your big goals and maximizing your potential requires high levels of motivation and commitment. When faced with adversity, which is inevitable in baseball, your motivation and commitment will determine whether you keep pushing or quit.

PILLAR #3 – Focus and Awareness

Distractions, negative self-talk, and holding on to mistakes will crush your on field performance. Success in baseball isn’t about avoiding challenges; it’s about learning from them and using that failure as fuel. Focusing on what you can control and competing one pitch at a time and having the awareness to get back on track when you get off are HUGE for baseball performance.

PILLAR #4 – Self-Control and Discipline

Baseball demands not only hard work but also mental toughness. Consistently training your self-control and discipline enhances your ability to handle the games challenges make sound decisions under pressure, and view every experience as a data and an opportunity for growth .

PILLAR #5 – Process Over Outcome

In baseball, one of your biggest challenges is that everything you want outcome wise is out of your control. Batting average, ERA, playing time, etc. It’s all out of your control. By focusing on the process of executing pitches and quality at bats rather than the outcome, you shift your focus to what’s within your control, fueling the necessary actions for your desired results.

PILLAR #6- Meditation and Mental Imagery

The mental images we hold, whether consciously or not, significantly influence our physical and mental performance. Training in mental imagery and meditation can greatly enhance your ability to remain composed under pressure on the field, increase your confidence and stay focused on what you can control and what matters most.

PILLAR #7 – Routines & Habits of Excellence

In my extensive experience working with the best players on the planet, I’ve observed that about half of elite performance in baseball lies beyond physical training or techniques. High-level performance requires behavioral modifications and intentional routines. The best players understand the importance of routines, skillfully creating and changing habits, and following a daily plan and process. Conversely, those who lack this discipline or let emotions guide their actions are likely to fall short of reaching their full potential.

PILLAR #8 – Time Management & Organization

Efficient organization and automation of a players daily routine will significantly enhance their self-discipline, energy, and focus so they have more to give when the lights turn on. Think of every decision as a financial transaction: automated decisions save mental energy (deposits), while
conscious choices consume it (withdrawals). Effective time management thus acts as a tool to conserve mental energy for what truly matters, winning pitches and performing at your best.

PILLAR #9 – Leadership

Having the greatest season and career possible is a collaborative effort, and effective leadership for YOUR CAREER is key to unlocking your full potential. Improving your leadership skills assures that you get the most out of yourself, your agency, your coaches and those on YOUR TEAM who are working for YOU. Many players fail to reach their potential because they avoid hard conversations and have inadequate leadership skills, which is vital for managing the complexities and demands of being a professional baseball player, not a victim.

PILLAR #10 – The Right Culture

In my experience with the best players in the world, I’ve observed a distinct difference in how the best players operate compared to those 4A players or those who fall short of their potential. The best cultivate a championship culture around them, characterized by self-discipline, resilience and a consistent ability to perform at high levels.

What They’re Saying

The MPM Coaching Difference:

What to Expect

Through a combination of consistent Zoom, phone, text, and FaceTime, as well as in person meetings (when possible) we’ll have consistent follow up on a weekly basis—for some that might even include daily interaction to continue providing support, reflect on action items, and evaluate progress towards your goals.

Each training session will build off of the previous one, serving as the foundation of your mental performance training program.

In between each coaching session, you will have an actionable plan and routine to implement to completely remove the guesswork and provide a clear, concise roadmap that will guide you toward mental performance mastery and the best season of your career.

For Those Serious About Their Development

Due to the customize nature of this coaching program, enrollment is extremely limited! I am only taking 40 players, my own 40 man roster and we’ve got 30 coming back from last season. If you’re serious about your development and ready to take your career to the next level by mastering the mental game—You’re in the right place!  Use the calendar link below to schedule a time for us to connect at your earliest connivence or send me a personal text to 802-999-1096 & let’s get after it!