Question for Golfers Who Are Working to Get to the Next Level

What’s the biggest difference between golfers who consistently win tournaments and ones who always seem to fall short?

The Strength of the Golfer’s Mental Game.

You have probably heard that golf is 90% mental.

But do you train for the mental game of golf even 10% of the time?

Probably not.

It’s time to start training for the mental game of golf.

Training the mental game of golf is the only thing that will allow you to reach the next level of success.  The higher and higher you go in competition, the talent evens out, everyone is talented enough to win, the difference between who wins and who doesn’t is the six inches between the ears that control the six feet below them.

If you are a golfer who has:

  • A great golf swing
  • A burning desire to improve and compete
  • Opportunities to play against great competition
  • A track record of success

That’s great.  All those things have their place.

But they are only part of the equation.

If you struggle with:

  • Handling the adversity that’s a built in part of the game of golf
  • Playing up and down to the level of competition vs. consistently competing at your best
  • Feeling confident when the pressure starts to build
  • Getting the win when you are in the hunt down the stretch

Then you would benefit from this exclusive program.

“Brian Cain is a huge asset to our program. I can wholeheartedly say that investing time in learning how to coach mental performance was a turning point for us at Cal State Fullerton… he has made me a better coach and I can assure you he has helped our golfers get better.”

Jason DrotterCal State Fullerton, Director of Golf

Let us know if this sounds familiar.  You are:

  • Putting in as many or more hours of training than your competition
  • Hitting the gym multiple times a week
  • Working with your swing coach routinely 

But things aren’t really working out. You:

  • Get frustrated after a couple bad shots and can’t recover
  • Struggle to stay in the moment when pressure builds
  • Start to press when you feel like you need to make up ground
  • Are distracted by what other players in your group are doing
  • Start projecting your score for the round after playing a couple holes

After all the time and energy you have invested into your game, isn’t it time you got the results you’ve been working for?

You deserve to be the one standing with the trophy at the end of any tournament you play in.

You’ve earned the right to play your best no matter who’s watching or how tough the course, the conditions or the competition is.

Most golfers are leaving an incredibly valuable component of performance and goal achievement completely untapped.

They focus only on the physical components of a sport that we all know is 90% mental.

We know you are doing what you can: fine-tuning your swing, working to increase clubhead speed, spending sunsets on the putting green and dialing in yardages with your wedges.

There isn’t a day you don’t pick up your clubs and put the work in.

But maybe that’s the problem. 

The game of golf is 90% mental and you are working on that part less than 10% of the time.

There is an entire aspect of training that when left untapped will keep you from reaching your greatest potential.

We see the benefits of strategic mental performance training every day, and we’ve helped players at every level overcome the same challenges as you so that they can get the results they dream of.

What you need: mental performance training strategies that are as much a part of your routine as working out, swing lessons, and putting drills until dark.

We know you are working hard. You are constantly working towards your goals. You think about them every day.

But, that’s the problem.

You are so focused on what you are after that when you get close, the pressure becomes too much and it slips away.

What you need: a specific process and routine that keeps you in the present moment so that you have clarity on where your focus should be no matter the circumstances or pressure.

The good news is, getting the results you’ve always wanted and been working for is possible. We can teach you how.

If you’ve made it this far, you already sense that adding mental performance training to your game is crucial for your success.

But what you might not know is that mental performance training will also empower you to:

  • Stay committed to your plan when things get hard and you feel like giving up
  • Create unshakable focus and confidence so you can perform consistently under any pressure
  • Master self-awareness to recognize challenges before they happen and develop the self-regulation to get back on track
  • Identify the routines and habits in your daily life that you must stop, start, and continue to achieve the levels of success you’re after

These outcomes are possible for you but they depend on you knowing the skills and drills that will build the 10 skills of the golf mental performance skillset, AKA The 10 Pillars of Golf Mental Performance Mastery, AKA the secret weapon for the success of the golfers and golf programs we work with.

Hi, I’m Brian Cain – the most sought after mental performance coach for the best athletes and performers in the world, who know mental performance training is the missing link that separates the good from the all-stars and all-time greats.

I’ve worked with UFC Champions like Georges St-Pierre and Rich Franklin, MLB All-Stars and Cy Young winners like David Price, Jake Arrieta and Trevor Bauer, Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray, and top NCAA programs like Vanderbilt and TCU baseball, LSU gymnastics, Houston golf, Florida State Softball, Yale Lacrosse, Georgia Swimming & Diving and countless others.

When I’m not working with these top performing athletes and teams, I’m training for my next endurance race, chillin’ with my French Bulldogs, or getting a round in at my home golf course in Arizona.

I will help bring you the results you’ve been training for without adding another range ball or swing lesson.

Why? Because mental performance training works.

If it works for UFC World Champions, Heisman Trophy winners, MLB Cy Young Winners, MLB All-Stars LPGA winners and the top college golf players and teams, it will work for you.

Our son was one of the golfers on your call this past week. Post your call, he proactively started the following:

1) Making his bed

2) Contacted his teammates to look for an accountability partner

3) Created a game / practice plan

4) Talking about your comments to his mother and me

5) I am sure there are other action points based on your comments

Based on his actions we believe it was money well spent!

Jim JonesFarther of Group Coaching Golfer

“The mental game system that Brian Cain will train golfers in is exactly what is needed for reaching your potential in golf.”

Chris WilliamsAssistant Coach - Auburn Men’s Golf & Former #1 Amateur in the World

“What Brian will be able to do for golfers is simplify the mental game and create processes for advancement in your career both on and off the course.”

Brady SchnellKorn Ferry Tour Winner & Nebraska Alum

“This is a huge day for Brian Cain and a huge day in the development and progression of golf mental performance.  This program will provide an unmatched level of service and value for golfers.”

Steve BaileyHead Coach - Marquette Men’s Golf

“I worked with Brian at Marquette and what they taught me about self-management is as good as I’ve ever got from anyone in the game.  This group coaching opportunity is a no brainer if you want to be an elite golfer.”

OJ FarrellCollege Golf All-American, Korn Ferry Tour Player

Brian Cain’s Golf Mental Performance Group Coaching Program is the first all-inclusive mental performance coaching program fully designed to get golfers to master the mental game.

It’s designed for players who know they have talent, are committed to the work it takes to be champions, and are looking to reach the next level of success.

How do we accomplish this?

1 Training Manual – We outline the 10 Pillars of Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) for Golf and the drills needed to develop the 10 skills which make the Golf MPM skillset that will become the 15th club in your bag.

10 Virtual Training Sessions – Yes, it’s from the comfort of your own home. No, it’s not like any zoom class you’ve ever attended. None of the dry and boring lectures where people sign in, turn off their cameras and then check out.

Instead, you’ll get FULL engagement, breakdowns and walkthroughs of how you can develop these skills in an elite, enthusiastic and fast paced learning environment you will look forward to being a part of each week.

1 Unforgettable Experience that will change you and your golf game forever. And maybe a guest appearance from one of Brian’s professional golfers / athletes…

Let’s take a tour inside the program:

Week #1 –  How To Blast Through Mental Barriers That Are Holding You Back

Everything you’ll learn throughout this program will rest upon the foundational belief that all the skills you need to succeed are trainable skills.  The skills of focus, commitment, discipline, routine, process and leadership are all skills that can be learned.

The idea is that with the proper drills you can develop the right skills,  and anything can be learned.


If you believe that anything can be learned, then you are halfway there already and you have a growth and elite mindset.

This week we will solidify that belief and show you how having an elite mindset is a prerequisite for winning championships.

This first week, you will:

  • Understand the real definition of mindset and why getting this wrong is hurting you
  • Learn how to assess where your current mindset is so that you can grow from there

Week 2: How To Show Up Fully, Especially When It’s Hard To Do

With the right mindset, everything you want can be achieved. With that belief settling deep into your soul, it’s time to get to work.

This week is going to be exciting.

Just as exciting as last week.

But, you and we know that golf isn’t always exciting, it’s a grind and it won’t always feel positive.

Golf and life are about navigating the highs and the lows so that eventually, you can reach your true potential.

So, this week is crucial in setting the tone that elite athletes show up.


No matter what.

You need motivation and commitment to stay consistent in your development.

This week, we tap into that motivation and enhance that commitment.

This crucial week, you will learn:

  • The difference between motivation and commitment and why it matters
  • How to be consistently focused and sustain your efforts, especially when it’s hard
  • How to navigate those days when performance is not at its best
  • The one-sheet wonder that will become the MVP for your life – the Most Valuable Paper

Week 3: How to Lock Into The Present, Compete One Shot At A Time, Block Out Distractions and Overcome Adversity

You might not recognize it until it’s in your face – which by then is too late.


We knew this was coming!

Wouldn’t it be easier to navigate adversity when your awareness of it happens sooner than later?

For that, you’ll need some tools.

This week, we open up our toolbox and share:

  • Exactly what to focus on in the present moment when coming down the 18th hole
    with a one stroke lead… You need this. No more choking, no more mental mistakes!!
  • Why competing one shot at a time is THE ONLY way to play golf and what you’re doing wrong without realizing it
  • How to know when focus is lost and how to get it back

Week 4 – You Can’t Dwell On Divots In The Fairway: How to Move On.

Every golfer can instantly recall all the bad breaks they’ve experienced lately: the divot in the middle of the fairway, the footprint or plugged lie in the bunker, the ricochet off the flagstick.

But, what if those bad breaks were bricks you had to carry around, while playing?

Imagine having to load each of those bricks into your bag and carrying it around for 18 holes.

Self-Control and the discipline to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done are both trainable skills and you have to be in control of yourself before you can be in control of your performance.

And that’s what this week’s call is all about. We’ll go over:

  • How to calmly evaluate challenging situations and make the most effective decisions
  • How to refocus when obstacles show up
  • How to automate daily actions so that you don’t have to rely on willpower to get it done

Week 5 – How to Achieve Daily Improvement and and Accelerate Development

“This drill again?”

“This is boring.”

“Is this even working?”

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?




A lot of golfers see repetition as boring, but it’s the key to championship performances – doing a little a lot, not a lot a little.

This week will bring a huge perspective shift as we equip you with strategies for:

  • Creating a process, loving a process, and benefitting from the process
  • Valuing consistency long enough to see results
  • Approaching performance and evaluation from a process-based system
  • Controlling what you can control and letting go of the rest

Week 6 – How to Stay Calm Under Pressure and Be at Your Best When It Means the Most

Have you ever noticed a competitor walking around as if they were already defeated before the round was even finished?

Do you notice that player who always seems to finish near the top of the leaderboard despite not seeming to do anything particularly well?

If you don’t know how to self-regulate, manage your emotions and relax in pressure situations, then you aren’t going to perform at your best when it means the most in the the tension-filled  moments that dictate who wins and who doesn’t or who makes the cut and who goes home.

That final round is tense.

You need to know how to relax your body and mind.

Being able to come back to neutral is a skill.

This week, you will learn drills to build that skill.

Along with a recorded guided meditation and mental imagery audio custom for golf that you can use anytime you want, we’ll also go over:

  • How to remain calm under pressure so you can focus on what matters
  • How to increase confidence and learn a new skill in less time without feeling anxious
  • How to clear the brain fog and avoid the overwhelm that comes with those tense final rounds

Week 7 – How to Amplify the Benefits of Training Hours After Practice Ends

If practice makes permanent you better be super intentional about what you are practicing.

What you do every day matters.

Show us a championship team and we’ll show you a roster of golfers and golf coaches who most likely have great habits.

We have so much to share with you this week including:

  • The app we cannot live or coach without. This is a free tool that will increase your energy this week
  • Simple strategies for developing new routines without causing overwhelm

Week 8 – How to Achieve Peak Performance During Those Moments Where All of You is Needed

You want to show up fully at every practice.

Even when your practice is at the end of a long day and for cold weather climate players, indoors.

There is a correlation between time management and the ability to show up for a competition or workout and be at your best.

Making a schedule, sticking to a schedule and executing fully on said schedule is a skill. A trainable skill.

This week, we’re going to set you up for success so you never have to question what you are doing to help yourself get better.

We’ll coach you on:

  • The systems and strategies that build structure into your day
  • How to increase productivity so that you are more fully present at practice
  • What decision fatigue is, how it’s costing you wins, and how to limit it

Week 9 – How to Build a Team

Golf is an individual sport.

But at some point you will be part of a team if you’re not already.

A high school team. College Team. Or your caddie and sponsors when you’re on tour.

Are you all working together towards the same goals?

A great team is made up of a group of individuals where everyone plays their role to the best of their abilities.

Everyone has a chance to be a leader.

This week, we will coach you on how to be the best leader you can be for yourself, your team and your career by teaching:

  • The 6 Cs of Leadership: Competency, Character, Connection, Consistency, Communication, Courage
  • How to take accountability for your actions and learn from mistakes earlier
  • How to Expect, Plan for, and Overcome Adversity

Week 10 – How to Consistently Perform at a High Level Regardless of the Circumstances

Phew. We’ve equipped you with a lot of strategies.

What if we told you that’s only part of the road to success?

Strategies that sit in the toolbox, unused, mean nothing.

What is going to get you to actually use everything we’ve taught them?

A culture of expectation that you take action on all your knowledge.

This week we are going to get you to:

  • Focus on the behaviors you value
  • Compete, train and live in alignment with your core principles
  • Create an intentional growth plan so that day after day, week after week you see progress

Throughout my mental performance coaching career, the majority of my time has been dedicated to working in person with teams or individuals.

However, the pandemic moved my coaching online and there have been some great benefits to the consistency that comes with being able to be in 20 different states in the same day by using Zoom.

Part of the challenge with one-on-one, in-person coaching is two-fold: 1) the kind of financial investment required simply isn’t feasible for many golfers and coaches, and 2) as one person, the amount of people I can work with in a calendar year is extremely limited.

That’s why I knew the greatest potential for continued influence and impact in golf was to create a sport specific golf mental performance group coaching and mentorship program so that I could be more readily available to those coaches, players and programs who wanted to take their mental game to the next level. The addition of Trake Carpenter to the team will be a huge help here as well.

The regular price for an individual wanting to work with me 1-1 is $500 an hour, for golfers to come visit me at my house in Arizona is $5,000 a day and for me to come to campus is $10,000 for parts of two days.  And I’m pretty much booked solid.

I’m super pumped that with this group coaching program you can get 10 weeks, 1 hour a week with me for only $997 per player or $2,497 per team.

Yes, I’m ready to join Brian Cain’s
Mental Performance Mastery for Golf
Group Coaching Program!



Investment Will Be $2,997 on October 1st

Yes, I'm Ready To Get Started As A Golf Team!



Investment Will Be $1,497 on October 1st

Yes, I'm Ready To Get Started As A Golfer!

The best part about my Group Coaching Program is you not only get to learn from me, but also from the others in the group.  I’ve found that the learning that happens in group coaching exceeds that which takes place in 1-1 coaching.

Need more mental toughness THIS SEASON? I’ll share the secrets I’ve used to help players level-up their mental toughness for an IMMEDIATE impact.

Overwhelmed by big goals that seem insurmountable? I’ll show you exactly how to break complex goals down into manageable, actionable steps you can take TODAY.

The format of this group coaching program course is laid out so that you’re taking ACTION every day and learning a very specific, powerful skillset you can apply immediately to improve your mental performance on the field and in life.

And if for whatever reason you don’t feel like you’re any closer to having the mental performance skills needed to take your performance to the next level, simply send me an email at [email protected] within the first 2 weeks and I’ll send back every dollar.  No risk, just results.

Our next group coaching program will run from Tuesday, October 12, 2021 for 10 weeks with the last call being on Tuesday, December 21, 2021 (no call Thanksgiving week).  

Calls are held over zoom and are live 5-6pm PST / 8-9pm EST.  

Here’s our schedule and another look at what we’ll talk about:

Tuesday, October 12:  How to Blast Through Mental Barriers That Are Holding you Back We will focus on Pillar 1 of my 10-Pillar Program: Elite Mindset

Tuesday, October 19: How to Show Up Fully, especially when it’s hard to do. We will focus on Pillar 2 of my 10-Pillar Program: Motivation and Commitment

Tuesday, October 26: How to lock into the present, compete one shot at a time, block out distractions and overcome adversity. We will focus on Pillar 3 of my 10-Pillar Program: Focus and Awareness

Tuesday, November 2: You Can’t Dwell on Divots in the fairway. How to Move on. We will focus on Pillar 4 of my 10-Pillar Program: Self-Control and Discipline

Tuesday, November 9: How to Achieve Daily Improvement and Accelerate Player Development. We will focus on Pillar 5 of my 10-Pillar Program: Process Over Outcome

Tuesday, November 16: How to Stay Calm Under Pressure and Win in Big Moments. We will focus on Pillar 6 of my 10-Pillar Program: Mental Imagery and Meditation

Tuesday, November 30: How to Amplify the Benefits of Training After Practice Ends. We will focus on Pillar 7 of my 10-Pillar Program: Routines and Habits of Excellence

Tuesday, December 7: How to Achieve Peak Performance During Those Moments Where All of You is Needed. We will focus on Pillar 8 of my 10-Pillar Program: Time Management and Organization 

Tuesday, December 14: How to Build a Team. We will focus on Pillar 9 of my 10-Pillar Program: Leadership 

Tuesday, December 21:  How to Consistently Perform at a High Level Regardless of the Circumstances. We will focus on Pillar 10 of my 10-Pillar Program: The Right Culture 

No worries if you can’t make a call, we record all of the calls and will send them to you immediately after the call so that you can review the material, watch the recording and get the benefits even if you have a conflict that night or have something come up where you can’t be there in person.

Space is also limited so that I can keep the calls more personal and intimate.

If you are ready to master golf mental performance and take your game to the next level, you can reserve your space below.

Yes, I’m ready to join Brian Cain’s
Mental Performance Mastery for Golf
Group Coaching Program!



Investment Will Be $2,997 on October 1st

Yes, I'm Ready To Get Started As A Golf Team!



Investment Will Be $1,497 on October 1st

Yes, I'm Ready To Get Started As A Golfer!

(Q) What if I or my coaches or players can’t make it to a call?

(A) No problem, we will record all of the calls and send them out to you that night via email so that you have access to them.  We believe in the power of repetition and even if you are on the calls, you will want to review the call recording each week more than once so you can master the mental game system you will be learning.

(Q) Is Brian Cain on every call or does he have any of his team members do these?

(A) Brian will be on every call AND will utilize his network of players and coaches to contribute where he sees fit.

(Q) I am a coach in the Northeast and a lot of my players will be in winter sports still when you get this started.  Should I join?

(A) We will be recording all of the sessions and you can then play the sessions for your team when your season starts.  The benefit of these being recorded is that you can use them over and over again year after year or at any point in the season that you want with your team.  The calls are high energy, action packed and the most engaging zoom calls you will ever be a part of, it’s just how Brian does what he does as a MPM coach, it’s why he’s good and why people love him.

Yes, I’m ready to join Brian Cain’s
Mental Performance Mastery for Golf
Group Coaching Program!



Investment Will Be $2,997 on October 1st

Yes, I'm Ready To Get Started As A Golf Team!



Investment Will Be $1,497 on October 1st

Yes, I'm Ready To Get Started As A Golfer!

If you have additional questions that we did not cover here on this page, please submit them via email to [email protected] and myself or a member of my team will get back with you as soon as possible.

Here’s to winning the mental game and developing the elite mindset, routines and processes you need to compete one shot at a time and give yourself the best chance for success.

Your Golf Mental Performance Coach,

Brian Cain, MPM