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The Coaching Matters Group Coaching Program
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The Coaching Matters Group Coaching Program


The Coaching Matters Group Coaching Program is sponsored by Fundraising University.

Coaching Matters is a philanthropic, nonprofit foundation whose primary purposes is to help coaches and activities directors succeed with their programs, schools and communities.

The foremost goal of this program is to support coaches and activities directors:

  • To recognize coaches as local heroes that change communities by changing the lives of their youth
  • To provide “continuing education”  for coaches, activities directors and students centered around developing the 10 pillars / skills we have identified that create mental performance mastery and the missing link in athlete development and often the difference maker in who wins on the scoreboard:
  • The 10 Pillar of Mental Performance Mastery and the focus of our calls will be on strategies for developing: (1) Elite Mindset, (2) Motivation and Commitment, (3) Focus and Awareness, (4) Self-Control and Discipline, (5) Process over Outcome, (6) Meditation and Mental Imagery, (7) Routines & Habits of Excellence, (8) Time Management and Organization, (9) Leadership, (10) The Right Culture
  • To provide an awards program, in conjunction with State Coaches Associations, to recognize the impact on lives that a coach has made, promoting the idea of coaching excellence – sure, on the field results matter and so does excellence in life-coaching.  Our focus includes a Regional and National Coach of the Year Awards and Coaching Matters Impact Awards – working with State Coaches Associations to recognize the coach who has shown exceptional commitment to impact the lives of those they lead.

Coaching Matters will also work to:

  • Fund coaching scholarships for students who want to make a career of coaching.
  • Recognize student athletes who have shown great courage off the field, and…
  • Sponsor such things as All-Star games, coaches clinics, recognition awards and support programs, such as Adopt a School, Adopt a Program and Adopt an Athlete

Beyond coaches and athletes, Coaching Matters will also involve local parents and the schools’ communities, in a way ties directly back to your fundraising program and relationship with Fundraising University. 

We are excited to announce that Fundraising University has selected Brian Cain, The World’s Leading Mental Performance Coach as the Host of the Coaching Matters Program.

The format of Coaching Matters is that every other Monday from 7-8pm EST Coaches and Athletes will get a FREE 1 hour group coaching with Brian Cain and a special guest coach.  These sessions will generally consist of 30 minutes of teaching and 30 minutes of question and answer.

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“Coaching Matters is amazing. It’s like going to an elite coaches clinic every other week.  I can’t believe this is free.  Thank you.”

Tom Mietus, MPMHigh School Athletic Director

“What you get with Brian Cain, Coaching Matters and their guest every other week is in a large part, what we do with The Atlanta Braves as the foundation of our mental performance training system.  If you are serious about coaching, these are calls you will watch to check out every other week.”

Zach Sorensen, MPMDirector of Mental Performance, The Atlanta Braves

“I look forward ever other week to these calls.  The information you share is world class.  We love being a part of Coaching Matters.  Thank you for supporting us coaches.”

Lindsay EthingtonHigh School Volleyball Coach

“Coaching is getting harder and harder every year.  Coaching Matters helps us as coaches stay on top of current best practices and truly helps you to be the best coach you can be.”

Sadie Adams, MPMHigh School Girls Basketball Coach