How to Master the Mental Game of Baseball: develop a winning mindset, build the habits, routines and process you need to succeed as a baseball coach.

Attention Baseball Coaches

Mastering and coaching the mental skills of baseball your players need will:

  • Help you produce consistent results. You’ll be able to predictably produce the habits, behaviors, and routines your players need to achieve goals and perform at the highest level on the field… consistently.
  • Fill a gap in your coaching—and succeed where others fail. You know that baseball is 90% mental, yet work on it less than 10% of the time.  I share with you exactly how to teach the mindset and mental skills that make up the difference between decent results in the short term and life-changing results and championships in the long-term.
  • Separate yourself from the competition. Good baseball coaches focus on physical performance. Great baseball coaches know that success begins with the right mindset, routines, habits and process. By coaching the mental and physical side of baseball performance, you’ll rise to the top of the game—and enjoy the success and influence that comes with it.

And the good news is, you don’t need a degree in Sport Psychology to do it.

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BONUS #1 – Mental Conditioning for Baseball E-Book & Audiobook

Receive an e-book and audio copy of my best selling book Mental Conditioning for Baseball.  In this book I walk you through my mental performance mastery system and it’s direct application in the sport of baseball.  This is the perfect tool to help you build off of what you’ve learned in the masterclass and in my MPM Coaches Certification Course so you can arm yourself with the exact mental performance strategies I’ve shared with TCU, Vanderbilt, The Washington Nationals and more.


BONUS #2 – Behind the scenes videos from my top collegiate clients

I take you behind the scenes in 14 videos with some of my top college baseball clients including Coastal Carolina Univeristy (2016 NCAA National Champions), The University of Tennessee, The Univeristy of Houston and The University of Mississippi.  Learn more about what it is I do when these teams being me in to gain a competitive advantage so you can win more games.

BONUS #3 – Mental imagery for baseball audio training program

Receive a copy of the same mental imagery audio I share with my top professional, collegiate and high school baseball players and programs.  You saw in the masterclass how I take teams through mental imagery in person the night before games and with this audio you can take your team through this powerful pre-game exercise to make sure their mind is right to compete with confidence, one pitch at a time.  Everything happens twice, first in your mind, then on the field.  Make sure your team is prepared to play their best when it means the most by taking them through mental imagery.

BONUS #4 – The Top 10 daily baseball MPM success checklist

I give you the “Top Ten Daily Baseball MPM Success Checklist” I share with my clients so they know exactly what to do on a daily basis to give themselves the best chance for success and to be sure they are able to work a process that delivers results game after game and year after year.

BONUS #5 – Interviews with top players and coaches who I have worked with

You also receive exclusive interviews I’ve been fortunate to do with some of the top coaches and players in all of baseball including 3x MLB All-Star Matt Carpenter, 2018 MLB 1st Rd Pick Cole Winn, 5x NCAA National Championship winning coaches Skip Bertman and Augie Garrido, 2019 NCAA Baseball National Coach of The Year Erik Bakich and TCU skipper and 5x NCAA College World Series participant Jim Schlossnagle.

Join me today in The Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) Coaches Certification Course and take advantage of our Baseball MPM Bonuses

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What Top Baseball Coaches

Are Saying About Brian Cain’s

Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) Certification

Brian Cain is the Master of the Mental Game. We brought Brian and his Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) system to Coastal Carolina in 2010 and it was a BIG reason why we were able to win the NCAA National Championship in 2016. We trust Brian with the responsibility of building the mindset and habits we need to win and now he has put it all into a comprehensive certification course that any coach can use. This is as good as it gets when it comes to learning how to coach mental performance.

Gary GilmoreHead Baseball Coach, Coastal Carolina, 2016 NCAA National Champions

Brian Cain is a huge asset to our program at TCU.  We’ve worked with him since 2006 and our players maintain relationships with him throughout their professional baseball careers.  I can whole heartedly say that investing in mental performance was the turning point in my time at TCU.  He has made me a better coach and I assure you he has helped our players get better.

Jim SchlossnagleHead Baseball Coach, TCU, 5x NCAA CWS

“I played Major League Baseball and then went back and did a Masters Degree in Sport Psychology.  What you get with Brian Cain’s MPM Coaches Certification is far better than what I got with my degree program.  In The MPM Certification Brian teaches you want to actually do.  It’s completely focused on application and how to coach mental performance.  This is the best mental performance training program available for coaches and is what I teach in my position as the director of mental performance with the Atlanta Braves.”

Zach Sorensen, MPMDirector of Mental Performance, Atlanta Braves

At East Carolina, we focus on developing our student athletes as people, students and players.  The beautiful thing about this program is it gives you an exact process that will help you as a head coach to do all three at the highest level possible.  When you have better people and better students, you get better players and better players win.  It’s a process that Brian’s helped us create and this program is a HUGE part of that process.

Cliff Godwin, MPMHead Baseball Coach, East Carolina University

We’ve used Brian at Ole Miss since 2009 and there’s no coincidence that in his first year with us we were SEC Champions and have continued to remain one of the top programs in the nation.  What he teachers about the mental game of baseball is a game changer for coaches.  If you are serious about winning baseball games, this is for you.

Mike BiancoHead Baseball Coach, Ole Miss, 2020 NCAA Coach of The Year

The results we saw in the mindset and routines of our players and the culture in our program in executing what Brian Cain teaches in the MPM Coaches Certification was remarkable.  Hands down the best thing I have ever done for my career.

Rusty Filter, MPMHead Baseball Coach, Santa Clara University

I brought Brian Cain in to work with us at Maryland and at VA Tech.  He is the best in the business.  He will help you as a coach revolutionize how you coach mental performance on the field.  This will be the best investment you ever make as a coach.

John SzefcHead Baseball Coach, Virginia Tech

I’ve worked with Brian Cain since 2006 at Vanderbilt.  He has been with me at both Maryland and Michigan.  His program was a big part of our run to the College World Series final in 2019.

Erik BakichHead Baseball Coach, Univeristy of Michigan, 2019 NCAA National Coach of The Year

The best investment I ever made for my career was building a relationship with Brian Cain and learning to coach mental performance.

Todd WhittingHead Baseball Coach, The University of Houston

We continue to talk about mental performance and the 10 pillars.  We work the mental game into practice daily.  We went 26-8 last year and lost 5 games by 1 run.  This year we have continued to focus on the process and resisted the temptation to focus on results. Even though my team isn’t as talented as last year’s group… we are 23-7 (We’ve won 5 games by 1 run) and won the toughest district in Houston, TX going 15-1.  It’s out first district title since 2012.  I have you (Brian) to thank, as your work and what’s in the MPM Cert has helped me shape my philosopher and rebuild out culture and midset.

Nick OzunaHead Baseball Coach, Bellair High School, Houston, TX

Brian Cain is who I turn to when I have a question about the mental game with one of my players or in my program.  He is the best there is.  I can’t endorse him and his teachings any higher than I do.

Mark Wasikowski Head Baseball Coach, The University of Oregon

Join me today in The Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) Coaches Certification Course and take advantage of our Baseball MPM Bonuses

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