Looking to take your program

to the next level?

Question for High School Coaches and Athletic Directors Trying to Build a Winning Program:

What’s the biggest difference between high school teams that consistently win championships and produce winning people and the ones who always seem to fall short?

The coaches ability to coach their players mental performance.


We all know that performance at the highest level is 90% mental, yet, we only coach the mental side of performance 10% of the time.

We believe that sports teach character, when in reality it’s the coaches who teach character through sport.

Yet as coaches we don’t get the consistent training on how to coach the mental side of performance or how to use our sport as a classroom to teach life skills and character.

That doesn’t make sense.

And it’s why a lot of coaches and athletes fall short of their potential and go home without the championship trophy at the end of the year.

If you’re a coach who has:

  • Talent on your roster
  • A coaching staff with the work ethic and drive to be the best they can be
  • A proven track record of success

That’s great.  All those things have their place.

But they’re only part of the equation.


If your athletes struggle with:

  • Handling adversity that’s built into almost every aspect of sport
  • Playing up and down to the level of competition
  • The confidence and consistent elite performance it takes to win

Then you and your coaching staff program would benefit from this exclusive high school coaches mental performance group coaching that I am facilitating for the 2022-2023 school year.

“Brian Cain is a huge asset to our program. I can wholeheartedly say that investing time in learning how to coach mental performance was a turning point for us at TCU… he has made me a better coach and I can assure you he has helped our players and program get better.  When I took over at Texas A&M in 2022, our team was picked to finish 6th in the SEC West and 13th (Last) in the conference.  By using what he teaches about mental performance we not only WON the SEC West, we finished 2nd overall and were a National Seed in the NCAA post-season.”

Jim Schlossnagle, MPMHead Baseball Coach, Texas A&M - 5x CWS @ TCU

Let me know if this sounds familiar.  As a coach, you:

  • Plan efficient practices
  • Care about your players as people and their development both on and off the field
  • Are committed to do whatever it takes to run a great program


But things aren’t really working out.  Because your athletes:

  • Don’t know how to stay calm under pressure and slow the game down when it gets hard
  • Struggle to bounce back from adversity or a poor performance
  • Haven’t taken ownership of your program culture and expectations as much as you would like
  • Aren’t committed to the year round development and process it takes to consistently win championships


After all the time you have invested into being a great coach and running a great program, isn’t it time you started getting results and your athletes started performing at their best on a consistent basis?

As a coach you deserve to enjoy watching your players launch themselves into the dogpile after having laid it out there all year and won the championship. 

You deserve to know exactly how to fully leverage everything available to you, your program and player development so you can become a nationally recognized winning coach and program.

You deserve to hold the championship trophy high over your head proving to everyone that all your hard work paid off instead of watching others take home the hardware you, your assistants and athletes have worked so hard for.

WHY COACHES FAIL – REASON #1 – Coaches focus only on the physical mechanics of their sport that most athletes and coaches will agree is 90% mental.

As a coach, I know you are doing what you can, writing practice plans and looking up the newest information on drills, mechanics and helping your athletes to develop the physical fundamentals of your sport.

Every day you do the fundamental physical drills you think it takes to prepare your team for competition.

Every minute of practice is filled with drills.

You and your athletes can’t physically do much more when it comes to working on your game, not in the amount of time that you have on the practice plan.

But maybe that’s the problem. 

The sport you coach is 90% mental and you are working on that part of the game less than 10% of the time. 

There is another whole aspect of training that if left untaught will keep the potential of your athletes and program locked up inside.

I see the benefits of intentional mental performance training everyday and I’ve helped coaches and programs at the youth, high school, collegiate and professional level overcome the challenges they have so that they can get the results they want.

What you need: Intentional, specific mental performance training that is as much a part of your athlete development program as strength and conditioning, film and the fundamentals.

WHY COACHES FAIL – REASON #2 – They think they have designed an all encompassing athlete development program with all the best strategies and they like their process. What’s Left?

I know that you’ve designed quality practice sessions, strength training programs, and in competition plans. You aren’t winging it. And you and your athletes are showing up in full force (most of the time.)

You all know what you’re after and everything you do is focused on that outcome. You talk about it everyday because it’s what you’re all after. The W.

No one is confused about what you are working towards.

But, that’s the problem.

You are too focused on the outcome and when you get close to it the pressure becomes too much and it slips away because you, your coaches and athletes shift from a mindset of playing to win to playing not to lose.

What you need: A defined process that all of your coaches and athletes buy into so that regardless of the competition, on the hard days, frustrating days, the days you are supposed to win or the exciting days in the state tournament, your staff and athletes know what needs to be done and can do it.

The good news is, training mental performance, the mindset, routines and habits you and your athletes need to bring home a championship this year is possible.

If you’ve made it this far, you already sense that adding mental performance training to your coaching career is crucial for your success.

But what you might not know is that mental performance training will also empower the athletes you coach to:

  • Stay committed when things get hard and they feel like giving up
  • Create unshakable focus and confidence so they can perform consistently under pressure
  • Master self-awareness to recognize challenges before they happen and develop the self-regulation to get back on track
  • Identify the routines and habits in their life that they must start, stop and continue to achieve success without you having to manage their behaviors all day, every day as a coach.

Teaching these skills makes you a transformational coach.  These outcomes are possible for you but they depend on your ability to coach mental performance and give your athletes drills to do to build these skills, the skills that make them mentally tough as an athlete and in life.

My 10 Pillars of Mental Performance Training System has been the secret weapon for my own success as a mental performance coach and the success of the 10 NCAA National Championship winning programs, 4 MLB Cy Young Winners, 8 UFC World Champions, Heisman Trophy Winner, Rodeo and Disc Golf World Champions and the top performing high school athletic program in the nation.


Hi, I’m Brian Cain, high school sports most sought after mental performance coach…

When I’m not training for my next ultra endurance event, chillin’ with my French Bulldogs, wife (The Bear) daughter (CK) or working to lower my handicap on the golf course, I’m coaching MLB All-Starts like Corbin Burnes, advising the NCAA’s top coaches like Jim Schlossnagle, Kenny Gajewski, Andy Shay and Lonni Alameda, mentoring UFC world champions like Georges St-Pierre and Rose Namajunas or I am working over zoom with top college and high school coaches like you.

And I’ve done this all without adding another weight training or sport specific training session to your schedule.  Meaning you get to enjoy building a winning mindset, routines and habits without having to add hours of more time to your practice planning. Time that you probably can’t fit into your athletes’ already overwhelmed schedule.

You see, I designed this high school coaches mental performance group coaching and mentorship program specifically for high school coaches, that want to close the gap from where they are to where they want to be!


  1. Because this is the course I wish I had when I was a high school and college athlete. Yes, I pitched for a D1 college baseball program. But, I also felt very unprepared for that level of competition coming from the high school program I did and from the coaching I got at both levels, it was all mechanical and almost zero mental.
  2. Because almost all of the players I coach from elite High School players to professional superstars start working with me and immediately say, “No one ever told me this when I was younger.” or “How did I get this far without knowing this?”
  3. Because I’ve been a high school coach and was an Athletic Director for 8 years and know from personal experience the impact and influence that high school coaches have in the lives of their athletes and in the schools and communities they coach in.

Having been in your shoes, I have grown passionate about bringing all my knowledge to you and your program in a group setting so that I can continue to support high school coaches in making as big of an impact and influence as they can in the lives of those who call them ‘Coach.’

My Story:

For the last two decades I’ve been on a journey from college athletics biggest failure to athletics most sought after mental performance coach. 

I went from a struggling, miserable, failure as a college baseball pitcher at The University of Vermont to coaching 4 Cy Young Award Winners, working with 4 programs to win the NCAA National Championship and mentoring over 1,000 MLB Draft picks… and that’s just in baseball.

How did that happen?

After struggling as a D1 pitcher, I went on a mission to find out what went wrong in my career.

It was only after I read Head’s Up Baseball that I realized I had never learned about mental performance.

So, I traveled to Cal State Fullerton to study with the author of Head’s Up Baseball, a decision that changed my life. I became a graduate baseball assistant coach at Cal State Fullerton (2001-2003) and was mentored by Ken Ravizza, who the LA Times called the “Godfather of Sport Psychology.” 

He taught me the system of The 10 Pillars of Mental Performance Mastery and the processes he shared with a who’s who of professional, college and high school sports including the Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers, Tampa Bay Rays and in 2016 with the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs.

ken ravizza

Since Ken passed away in 2018, I’ve been on a mission to bring mental performance to high school coaches and programs so that high school coaches could help their athletes avoid the pain, failure and struggle I endured because I had never been coached in mental performance and on how to develop the 10 pillars of mental performance mastery skillset.

For the past two decades I’ve been a paid advisor to some of the best college athletic programs in the nation including NCAA champions Vanderbilt, Oregon State, Cal State Fullerton and Coastal Carolina as well as with programs like, The University of Houston, TCU, Texas A&M, Baylor, North Carolina, East Carolina, Arizona State, Oregon, USC, Yale University and multiple NCAA National Champions and NCAA Coaches of The Year.  

I’ve studied what makes the top coaches, athletes and programs successful and distilled it to a group of 10 fundamental, trainable mental skills.  

These skills make up what I call “The 10 Pillars of Mental Performance Mastery”—or the skillset you need to succeed and win at coaching the mental game.

It’s the same mental game skillset that one of my MPM Certified Coaches Zach Sorensen teaches as the Head of Mental Performance with The 2021 World Series Champion Atlanta Braves.

Imagine how much growth the athletes you coach will experience with the same knowledge that Texas Rangers Top Pitching Prospect and 2021 MLB Futures Game participant Cole Winn started getting in his sophomore year of high school…

“When I started working with Brian as a sophomore in high school, he was explaining things to me in a way I had never heard from any of my coaches. I got to where I am today with hard work for sure, but also with Brian’s mentorship.  Brian removes the need for luck and gives you a systematic way to build your own success through mental training.  I wish my high school coaches knew what he was teaching, we would have won a lot more games.”

Cole Winn2018 MLB 1st Rd Pick - 2021 MLB Futures Game All-Star

Or, what kind of results they would you get if you had the same access to a top mental performance coach like Winn’s teammate and Rangers Top Position Player Prospect Josh Jung who started mental performance coaching when he was in 9th grade.

“I started working with Cain’s mental performance program when I was in 9th grade.  I was not drafted out of HS and then was a 1st Rd pick out of college.  I consider Cain’s mental performance training program one of the most influential things I have ever done in my baseball career. You can’t put a price tag on the value of mental performance coaching and having Cain’s system as a part of your coaching development plan.”

Josh Jung2019 MLB 1st Rd Pick

Or, what kind of results you’d get in your program if you and your coaches had the same access to Brian Cain as these State Championship Winning High School Coaches do.

“I participated in Cain’s high school group coaching program in 2021 and what he taught me as a coach was instrumental in our team’s ability to handle the adversity we faced on our way to winning the state championship.”

Tim Albertson, MPM Head Baseball Coach, CVUHS, VT 4x State Champion

“We’ve been a part of Brian’s mental performance mastery group coaching program for almost 10 years and being able to access him weekly in the group coaching program was one of the best investments we’ve made in our program”

Alan McDougal, MPMHead Baseball Coach, Colleyville HS, TX, 2019 State Champions

“Brian’s high school coaches mental performance group coaching is a must for any high school coach who wants to be transformational in the lives of their athletes. Brian is a wealth of knowledge and experience and he shares it all with you.  It’s tremendous.”

Peter Savage, MPMHead Baseball Coach, Reno HS, NV

“I’ve read and watched everything that Brian Cain has ever created in the field of mental performance. Having a chance to work with him live for 40+ weeks was a game changer.  He had special guest presenters, shared amazing resources and I was able to use what he shared with us every week with my athletes. It’s the best decision I have ever made as a coach.”

Heather Mason, MPMHead Softball Coach, Pittsburgh, PA

“Brian’s ability to bring the juice over Zoom and keep you engaged for 40+ weeks is unlike any other mental performance coach or speaker I have ever seen.  He is flat out the best at what he does.  He leaves you and your coaches with a system to maximize mental performance with your athletes.”

Jill Larocque, MPMLakers Ice Hockey Club, Ontario, CAN

I am excited to offer you:

Brian Cain’s 2022-2023 High School Coaches Mental Performance Group Coaching Program 

It is the first all inclusive mental performance coaching program fully designed to train high school coaches in how to coach mental performance.

It’s designed for those coaches, who know they have talent, are committed to the work it takes to be champions, and are looking to reach the next level of success.

How do we accomplish this?

40+ weeks of virtual training sessions over the 2022-2023 school year:

Yes, it’s from the comfort of your own home or office. No, it’s not like any zoom calls you’ve ever attended. None of the dry and boring lectures where people sign in, turn off their cameras and then check out.

Instead, you’ll get FULL engagement, breakdowns and walkthroughs of how you can grow individually and a coach and grow the people who call you coach.

Meaning, from the comfort of your home or office you’ll learn what it takes to compete at the next level and how the elite high school, college and professional coaches, players and programs I work with do it.

It will be one unforgettable experience that will change you, your coaching career and your program forever. The coaches I work with, teaching them these same pillars, are never the same when we finish, they are always more equipped to compete and win championships.

Oh yeah … some of those national championship winning coaches, top athletes and others who have mastered mental performance who I coach will show up for a Q&A. Like I said … ONE unforgettable experience for the whole year that I want you to walk away from and say “WOW… that was the best thing I have ever done for my coaching career.”

Let’s take a look inside the 2022-2023 full year, 40+ week program, The 10 Pillars of Mental Performance Mastery System and at what you will learn as you master mental performance coaching.

Pillar #1 – Elite Mindset

How to Get Your Athletes to Blast Through the Mental Barriers Holding Them Back

Everything you’ll learn throughout this program will rest upon the foundational belief that all the skills you need to succeed are trainable skills.  The skills of focus, commitment, discipline, competing in the present moment and leadership are all skills that can be learned.

The idea is that with the proper drills you can develop the right skills, anything can be learned… Anything.

If you believe that anything can be learned, then you are halfway there already and you have an elite mindset.

We will solidify that belief and show you how having an elite mindset is a prerequisite for winning championships.

You will learn:

  • How to understand the real definition of mindset and why getting this wrong is hurting the athletes you coach
  • How to assess your athletes current mindset so that they can grow from there
  • How to structure your coaching so that you can reach each of your athletes in the way they need to be reached. You’ll never again wonder … “Are they listening? Are they getting it?”

Pillar #2 – Motivation and Commitment 

Getting Your Team to Show Up Fully, Especially When It’s Hard to Do

With the right mindset and enough time, everything you want can be achieved. With that belief settling deep into your soul, it’s time to get to work.

But, you and I know that being a coach or athlete isn’t always exciting, unless you make it exciting, it’s a grind and it won’t always feel positive unless you choose to be positive.

Life and high school sport is about navigating the highs and the lows so that eventually, you can reach your true potential.

So, developing strategies to coach motivation and commitment is crucial in setting the tone that elite coaches and athletes show up.


No matter what.

Your athletes need motivation and commitment to stay consistent in their skill development

You will learn how to tap into that motivation and enhance that commitment.

You will learn:

  • The difference between motivation and commitment and why it matters
  • How to get your athletes to be consistently focused and sustain their efforts, especially when it’s hard
  • How to navigate those days when performance is not at it’s best
  • The one-sheet wonder that will become the MVP for you as a coach and your program, the Most Valuable Paper

Pillar #3  – Focus and Awareness

How to Coach Your Athletes to Compete In The Present, Block Out Distractions and Overcome Adversity

As a coach, you might be able to see it from a mile away.

But your athletes might not recognize it until it’s in their face – which by then is too late.


We knew this was coming!

Wouldn’t it be easier to navigate adversity when your awareness of it happens sooner than later?

For that, they’ll need some tools.

That’s why I will teach you:

  • Exactly what I do to get my athletes to focus in the present moment – when the game is on the line, a big play needs to be made they’ll need this. No more choking, no more mental mistakes!!
  • Why competing in the present moment is THE ONLY way to compete and what you’re doing wrong without realizing it
  • How to know when your athletes lose focus and how to get it back

Pillar #4 – Self-Control and Discipline

You Can’t Win When You Need Every Call To Go Your Way.  How to Get Your Athletes to Move On

I don’t know any coach who can’t describe, in detail, the top 5 bad calls they’ve experienced in their last season.

But, what if those bad calls were bricks you had to carry around, while playing?  Let’s unpack that metaphor, it’s one that literally changed the career of UFC Hall of Famer Georges St-Pierre when we started working together.

Imagine one of your athletes trying to compete while having two bricks in his or her hands.

Teaching your athletes how to release the metaphorical bricks that they carry when they obsess about the past is HUGE and essential if you want your athletes to play free and compete in the moment.

Self-Control and the discipline to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done are both trainable skills.

You have to be in control of yourself before you can be in control of your performance and you have very little control of what goes on around you but total control of how you choose to respond to it.

And that’s why we’ll go over:

  • How to get your athletes to calmly evaluate challenging situations and make the most effective decisions
  • How to refocus when obstacles show up both in competition and in life
  • How to automate daily behaviors and actions so that you and your athletes don’t have to rely on willpower to get it done

Pillar #5 – Process Over Outcome

How to Achieve Daily Improvement and Accelerated Athletic Development

“This drill again?”

“This is boring.”

“Is this even working?”

Have you ever overheard these complaints from your athletes?




A lot of athletes see repetition as boring, while as a coach you know it’s actually what wins championships, you know that repetition is the mother of skill acquisition.

That’s why I will teach you how to create a huge perspective shift as we equip you to coach your athletes with strategies for:

  • Creating a process, loving a process, and benefitting from the process
  • Valuing consistency long enough to see results
  • Approaching performance and evaluation from a process-based system
  • Controlling what they can control and letting go of the rest

Pillar #6 – Meditation & Mental Imagery

How to Stay Calm Under Pressure and Win in Big Moments


Did you ever look at one of your athletes and know they were going to perform poorly based purely on their body language?

What about all those times you had to call a time out and get your team to calm down and get back in control?

If your athletes don’t know how to self-regulate, manage their emotions and breathe properly to relax in pressure situations, then your team isn’t going to win in the most tension-filled moments that matter most and you will see those moments again and again on the way to the championship.

That championship game is tense.

You need athletes who know how to relax their bodies and minds.

Being able to come back to neutral and stay in control of yourself is a skill.

That’s why we learn drills to build that skill.

Along with a recorded guided meditation and mental imagery for your sport specific performance that you can use anytime you want, we’ll also go over:

  • How to remain calm under pressure so you can focus on what matters
  • How to increase confidence and learn a new skill in less time without feeling anxious
  • How to clear the brain fog and avoid the overwhelm that comes with those tense elimination games

Pillar #7 – Routines & Habits of Excellence

How to Amplify the Benefits of Your Coaching Hours After Practice Ended

If practice makes permanent we better be super intentional about what we are practicing.

What we do everyday matters, so does what we don’t do.

Show me a championship team and I’ll show you a roster of coaches and athletes who most likely have great habits.

I have so much to share with you regarding how to make and break habits such as:

  • The app I cannot live or coach without. This is a free tool that will increase the energy of your team immediately
  • The assessment tool I use to get to know what each athlete needs and what they don’t need. This is the secret to ensuring you’re coaching each person
  • Simple strategies for developing new routines without causing overwhelm
  • How to get buy in from parents – they will LOVE you after this week (if they don’t already)
  • Tom Brady’s advice to one of my MLB 1st Rd. Picks on what he knows after winning 7 NFL Super Bowls…  (This advice alone is worth joining this high school group coaching program)

Pillar #8 – Time Management & Organization

How to Be Your Best on A Consistent Basis

You want your athletes to show up fully at every practice or training session, right?.

Even when your practice is at the end of a long school day and for cold weather climate teams, indoors and early in the AM or late at night in that last gym slot available.

In my experience, there’s a direct correlation between time management and the ability to show up for a competition or workout and be at your best.

Making a schedule, sticking to a schedule and executing fully on that schedule is a trainable skill. A trainable skill, one that helped one of my baseball playing clients win a Heisman Trophy in football and be the only athlete ever to be drafted in both the MLB and NFL 1st Rd.

That’s why we’re going to set you and your athletes up for success so you never have to question them on what they are doing to help themselves get better.

I’ll coach you on:

  • The systems and strategies that build structure into your day
  • How to increase productivity in school so that your athletes are more fully present at practice and don’t ever have to miss a practice for academic reasons AKA miss a practice because they don’t know how to manage their time.
  • What decision fatigue is, how it’s costing you wins, and how to limit it

Pillar #9 – Leadership

How to Build a Player-Led Program So You Have Coaches on the Field, In The Locker Room and In The Community

Do you trust your captain to lead the team?

Do you trust your best player to help coach up some of your younger players who are there for the first time?

Or, are you exhausted, feeling like you have to be on top of every athlete, every decision and every moment of every practice and competition?

A team led by a great coach will be a good team.

A team led by its athletes and mentored by you as the coach will be a great team: a championship team. 

It’s time to move your program from being “coach fed” to “athlete led”.

It’s time to train your athletes to become leaders.

That’s why I will coach you on:

  • The 6 Cs of Leadership: Competency, Character, Connection, Consistency, Communication, Courage
  • How to get your athletes to take accountability for their actions and learn from mistakes faster
  • How to expect, plan for, and make adversity your advantage

Bonus: I’ll give you an assessment you can use to figure out which athlete, right now, can take on the role of team leader and drills everyone can do to develop their leadership muscles.

Pillar #10 – The Right Culture

How to Consistently Perform at a High Level Regardless of the Circumstances

Phew. We’ve equipped you with a lot of strategies that you can use as a coach.

What if I told you that’s only part of the road to success.

Strategies that sit in the toolbox, unused, mean nothing.

What’s going to get you to actually use everything we’ve taught you with your athletes?

A culture of excellence and execution and the right training and process so that you can take action on all your new knowledge.

That’s why we are going to get you to:

  • Focus on the behaviors you value, what we call above the line behaviors
  • Compete and live in alignment with your team core principles
  • Create a process for developing a custom, specific and intentional growth plan so that day after day, week after week you and your players see progress from a more elite process.

Throughout my mental performance coaching career, the majority of my time has been dedicated to working in person with teams or individuals at the highest level, those in the power five conferences of the ACC, Pac12, SEC, Big XII, Big Ten and Big East.

However, the pandemic moved my coaching online for a bit, I recently had a daughter in March 2022 and I have seen tremendous benefits that the consistency and spaced repetition of “doing a little a lot” brings to coaches when you are able to connect on a weekly basis over Zoom.

Part of the challenge with one-on-one, in-person coaching is two-fold: 1) the kind of financial investment required simply isn’t feasible for many coaches, and 2) as one person, the amount of people I can work with in a calendar year is extremely limited.

That’s why I knew the greatest potential for continued influence and impact through mental performance coaching was to create a high school coaches mental performance mastery group coaching and mentorship program so that I could be more readily available on a weekly basis to those high school coaches who wanted to take their mental performance coaching to the next level.

The regular price for an individual wanting to work with me 1-1 is $500+ an hour and for me to come to a high school campus in person for a day is $10,000. And I’m pretty much booked solid for 2022-2023 already.

That’s why I am super pumped that with this high school coaches mental performance mastery group coaching program you can get coaching with me live for 40+, 30min a week and also have access to a ton of other great bonus learning opportunities.

Yes, I’m ready to join Brian Cain’s
2022-2023 High School Coaches
Mental Performance Mastery
Group Coaching Program

Full Athletic Department Investment
Individual Coach Investment


Need more mental toughness THIS YEAR? I’ll share the secrets I’ve used to help athletes level-up their mental toughness for an IMMEDIATE impact.

Overwhelmed by big goals that seem insurmountable? I’ll show you exactly how to break complex goals down into manageable, actionable steps you can take TODAY.

The format of this high school coaches mental performance group coaching program is laid out so that you’re taking ACTION every week and learning a very specific, powerful skillset you can apply immediately to improve your mental performance coaching both in your competitive arena and in the lives of your athletes.

The best part about this program is you not only get to learn from me, but also from the other great high school coaches in the group.  I’ve found that the learning that happens in group coaching far exceeds that which takes place in 1-1 coaching. 

As a coach, you’ll have tremendous opportunities over the 20220-2023 school year to see real, tangible, measurable IMPACT on your athletes development and both in competition and in life performance.

If you join and for whatever reason you don’t feel like you are any closer to having the mental performance skills needed to take your coaching performance to the next level, simply send me an email at [email protected] within the first 4 weeks and I’ll send back every dollar.   No risk, just results.

The 2022-2023 Call Dates…

This high school coaches mental performance mastery group coaching program will be held live over Zoom from 6:30-6:55pm EST on the following dates.  

July 2022 – 12th, 19th, 26th
August 2022 – 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th
September 2022 – 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th
October 2022 – 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th
November 2022 – 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th
December 2022 – 6th, 13th
January 2023 – 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st
February 2023 – 7th, 21st, 28th
March 2023 – 14th, 21st, 28th
April 2023 – 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th
May 2023 – 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th

We will record all calls and then send them out to you via email so that you won’t miss a call should you have a prior commitment on one call dates above.

The call routine…

The weekly routine will be to invest 30 minutes into your mental performance coaching development. I am also exploring some sport specific calls headed by one of my mental performance mastery team certified coaches as an added value as well as inviting you to my monthly live podcast recording with a top performing coach, athlete or business leader. These are both great value adds that I will be working hard to make available to you as well as in person meet ups and observation should I be in your area with a coach, athlete or program that will let you be a fly on the wall.

Again, No worries if you can’t make a call, we record all of the calls and will send them to you shortly after the call so that you can review the material, watch the recording and get the benefits even if you have a game that night or have something come up where you can’t be there in person.

Space is also limited in this high school coaches mental performance group coaching so that I can keep the calls more personal and intimate.

If you are ready to master mental performance coaching and take your career to the next level, you can reserve your space below.

Yes, I’m ready to join Brian Cain’s
2022-2023 High School Coaches
Mental Performance Mastery
Group Coaching Program

Full Athletic Department Investment
Individual Coach Investment

If you have additional questions that I did not cover here on this page, please submit them via email to [email protected] and myself or Jacob Armstrong my lead team member at Brian Cain Peak Performance will get back with you as soon as possible.

Here’s to mastering mental performance coaching and continuing to educate, empower and energize those who call us coach.

Brian Cain, MPM

(Q) What if I can’t make it to a call?

(A) No problem, I will record all of the calls and send them to you via email so that you have access to them.  I believe in the power of repetition and even if you are on the calls, you will want to review the call recording each week more than once so you can master the mental performance coaching system you will be learning.

(Q) Can I invite my whole coaching staff?

(A) This program is designed for either an individual coach or an entire athletic department. Those are our two current options. If you want to discuss getting your full coaching staff access, you should talk with your athletic director about getting your full athletic department involved or email me at [email protected] and let's talk.

(Q) Is Brian Cain on every call or does he have any of his team members do these?

(A) Brian will be on every call AND will utilize his mental performance mastery team of coaches and athletes to contribute where he sees fit.  If he can get a professional, college or HS player or coach to come and and contribute to the call, he will be sure to utilize his network for your benefit.

(Q) I see that Brian works with the who’s who of coaches, I'm at a small school in Vermont and we don’t start practice till the middle of April, will this be of any benefit for me to do for the full year?

(A) 100% – Just being on the calls as a coach is worth the investment. To get Brian for a 1-1 call is $500+ an hour and when you can join a group call with other top coaches that exponentiates the value of the call at a rate of less than $25 per week. 

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2022-2023 High School Coaches
Mental Performance Mastery
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