Winning The Big One with Skip Bertman

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Skip Bertman is widely respected as one of the premier coaches in history of collegiate athletics.

In Winning The Big One, you get a DVD copy of Bertman’s amazing program that was only available on VHS until now.  You also get a CD of this program so that you can listen to this in the car and totally immerse yourself in his fundamental teachings on success, mindset and creating a program of excellence. Additionally, Winning The Big One gives you access to some of the best motivational and team building strategies used by the Hall of Fame coach on a consistent basis.

I had the honor to sit down with Skip and talk about the realities of pressure, overcoming failure, the importance of motivation, confidence, and much more…


  • Winning The Big One CD/DVD + Text
    • Striving for Excellence
    • Overcoming Failure
    • The Fear Factor
    • Motivation
    • Team Building
  • Team Building Exercises
  • 134 Motivational Sheets
  • 308 Motivational Quotes
  • 125 Motivational Stories
  • Exclusive Interview with Skip Bertman & Brian Cain (Audio, Video, and Text)
  • and more…

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Get Winning The Big One today for just $100:

WINNING THE BIG ONE with Skip Bertman and Brian Cain will give you insight into:

  • Striving for excellence and being at your very best
  • How to overcome failure and see failure as a necessary part of success
  • Acknowledging and addressing the fear factor all athletes face
  • Motivating your team to play with confidence and belief
  • Team building strategies that enhance your program chemistry
  • Motivational stories and sheets you can use to motivate your team

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