The Mental Game of Basketball

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The Mental Game of Basketball gives you the same mental conditioning system that Peak Performance Coach Brian Cain uses to train some of the top basketball coaches, players and programs on playing the game one play at a time.

Every play in basketball has a life and history of its own. In most games there will only be a handful of plays that determine the outcome of that game. As a coach or player, you never know what play will be the one that makes the big difference, so you have to treat them all as if they are going to be that big play.

The free throw made in the first quarter is just as important as the buzzer beater shot at the end of the game. All four quarters equal the outcome of the game, not just the final basket made or missed shot.

Playing the game of basketball one play at a time is what the mental game is all about. Giving yourself the best chance for success on this play in turn gives you the best chance for success on the scoreboard at the end of the game.

This is not a book on theory; it is a book on APPLICATION! You must actually DO what we suggest in this book. Reading this book is simply not enough; YOU MUST PUT WHAT YOU LEARN INTO ACTION!

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  • is an extensive collection of Cain’s experiences working as a mental conditioning coach in the game of basketball and is a body of work that, when put into action, will unlock your potential and take your game to the next level.
  • is a book about the process of becoming a person, player, coach and program of excellence.
  • is a book about becoming a champion so that you can win more championships.
  • is a book designed for you to become more so that you can get more out of yourself and others.
  • will provide you with the guiding principles that will give you the best chance for success in basketball and in life.